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Indian Intensive Care Case Mix and Practice Patterns Study 2018 (INDICAPS - II)

Hemodynamic Resuscitation and Monitoring in Early Sepsis

In INDICAPS II, we plan to collect data of all patients in the ICU on one particular day, and four such days spread throughout a one-year period. The following days have been selected:

August 23, 2018; October 25, 2018; December 13, 2018; April 11, 2019. You may choose to participate on all four days, or any number of days of the study

April 11, 2019 is ISCCM INDICAPS-II Fourth and Final Data collection day!

The first three days of INDICAPS-II have been a great success. Over 140 ICUs have given data on ICUs and patients, and we now have data from more than 4000 patients! Thank you all for your participation and co-operation.

INDICAPS-II is the second large scale, multicentre survey launched and sponsored by the Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine. We aim to gather information about ICUs, patients in ICUs, the types and severity of illness, monitoring and therapeutic modalities used, types of infections, etc. We hope to enrol as many ICUs all over the country as possible, and, therefore, invite you all to participate.Your data is important and we sincerely appreciate your interest and contribution to the study.

So whether your ICU is large or small, 5-star hospital or 5-bed nursing home, urban or rural, full or empty, surgical or medical or cardiac or neuro ICU, do not hesitate to join this study.

If you have any problems you can contact us at indicaps2@gmail.com

Thank you for your help and co-operation

In case you have not yet registered

Please click on http://indicaps.isccm.org

and fill out the Registration form to register your ICU for the study.

You will get a return email asking you to login and change your password, and a link to the study documents.

You can view, download and print these. You can use these documents to obtain approval from your hospital ethics committee.

If you have registered but not contributed ICU or patient data on any of the previous days

You will know your username and password. In any case, it will be emailed to you shortly.

You can contribute ICU and patient data on April 11, 2019, the last day of INDICAPS-II.

If you have registered and filled in ICU and/or Patient data

You need not do anything at this stage.

Do login on http://indicaps.isccm.org/UserLogin/LoginPage.aspx on April 11 to enter patient Data for Day 4.


Dr. Yatin Mehta, President, ISCCM

Dr. SK Todi, Chairman, ISCCM Research Committee

Dr. J.V. Divatia for the INDICAPS-II Steering Committee

Dr. Subhal Dixit, President Elect ISCCM

Dr.Pradip Kumar Bhattacharya, General Secretary ISCCM

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INDICAPS – II Invitation Letter

INDICAPS – II Slide Days