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Sepsis Module


The sole aim of these training programs is to enhance the skills of care providers who are working in the field of Critical Care Medicine so that patient care can be standardized and good quality care can be provided to patients.



Duration of IFCCM is one year post IDCCM.


Direct registration for IFCCM for post MD candidates will be accepted but such candidates should pass IDCCM prior to appearing for IFCCM. Duration of course is 2 years.

Note 1: Direct Entry to IFCCM examination

a. FNB, DM Critical Care and DrNB Critical Care

Those who have cleared FNB, DM Critical Care and DrNB Critical Care are allowed for direct entry to IFCCM examination.

b. Candidate who has a foreign qualification in critical care (Subject to approval from college board)

Those who have a foreign qualification in Critical Care, can directly apply for IFCCM examination, 2 years after their return to work in India.

However the candidate should be working in an ISCCM recognised Institution.

Note 2:

Post MBBS (CTCCM) Trainee who have passed IDCCM are not eligible to apply for IFCCM Course.

Successful completion of IDCCM

IFCCM Accredited Institutions ( Institutes and teachers )

Seq. No.InstituteLocationTeachersEmail IdMobile No.Memb No.Annual Intake(Seats)Accredited SinceAcademic Coordinator

Training & Exam gap for candidates:

The candidates should complete the course tenure of training within 3 years of registering for the course and will be allowed to appear for the exam (both theory and practical) upto a maximum period of 3 years after completion of the course. Candidates not able to clear both theory and/or practical exam within this time frame will have to redo the entire course tenure (1 or 2 year as per the eligibility).

The candidate is allowed for maximum of two practical attempts after passing the theory exam failing which he/she will have to re-appear the theory exam. If the candidate is able to complete only one practical attempt at the end of 3 years time period which he/she fails, he/she will not be allowed for the second practical attempt and will have to redo the entire course period