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Sepsis Module




Introduction and Scope of Practice:

The presence of optimal evidenced-based nutritional intervention and a nutrition support team have demonstrated favorable outcomes. Both critical care doctors and dietitians do not have critical care nutrition in their core curriculum which will require a formal internship/ fellowship in an institute that conforms to high standards in critical care nutrition. This will help in fostering a group of highly specialized critical care nutrition practitioners who would help in changing outcomes and impart quality nutrition care.

Thus, there is a need to facilitate a collaborative and mutually beneficial fellowship and certificate program which will help both societies – ISPEN and ISCCM

The benefits of such a program will involve the following:

  • Will foster teaching, research and exchange of information in field of mutual interest
  • Will help the fellows/students to spend quality time and garner skills and knowledge in the field of critical care nutrition which will thus help in delivery of high-quality critical care nutrition.
  • The course will also help in generating research in the field of critical care nutrition.

The Fellowship in Critical Care Nutrition (FCCN) is proposed to be a one-year (1 year) Fellowship designed to advance the knowledge and skills of healthcare workers dietitians, or medical doctors, who are working in the advanced clinical areas of Adult Critical Care. The Fellowship is (proposed as) a joint venture of ISPEN and ISCCM and follows the entry, coursework and exit requirements as set forth by both the societies.

The course is proposed to be an intensive, evidence-based, learning program that provides health care practitioners the latest information on implementing nutrition care in the ICU. The program would cover background information, latest nutrition research and practical information for healthcare professionals.

FCCN Accredited Institutions ( Institutes and teachers )

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To enhance the knowledge on latest practice guidelines in critical care nutrition for better patient outcomes.

  • Encouraging continued professional growth in the practice of nutrition support.
  • Establishing and measuring the level of knowledge required for certification of a nutrition support practitioner.
  • Providing a standard of minimum knowledge deemed appropriate for practice of nutrition therapy leading to a long-term interest.


To create a pool of formally trained Clinical Nutrition professionals, both medical doctors and Dietitians, who can effectively manage nutrition interventions for all types of patient categories. This will enhance nutrition practice with following course objectives: