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Sepsis Module


No new admission will be taken for CTCCM course (Post MBBS) wef 1st July, 2023 Batch 2 registration, till further notice.

Post Certificate of Training in Critical Care Medicine

The sole aim of these training programs is to enhance the skills of care providers who are working in the field of Critical Care Medicine so that patient care can be standardized and good quality care can be provided to patients. These courses are not recognized by Medical Council of India.


Critical care is an upcoming speciality and presently has a huge shortage of trained dedicated manpower. MBBS doctors are a major workforce in ICU teams. This course has been proposed to impart structured critical care training to MBBS doctors to improve patient management skills.


MBBS or equivalent allopathic medical degree with valid MCI registration.

Course duration

2 years

Registration: Before Feb 15th every year for the January batch.

Before Aug 15th every year for the July batch.

Fee details

Rs 23,600 at the time of registration and mandatory ISCCM Associate Life Membership They shall have no voting rights nor shall they contest any position in the Executive Committee.

Late Fees Charges for courses registration:

Candidates will be allowed to register for the Exam after the deadline of exam registration within 7 days with late fees. Extra 50% of the Exam fees with GST will be charged for the registrations. (w.e.f January 2020 exam registrations).

Mandatory workshops for CTCCM Candidates:

ACLS (Recognised by AHA, ISCCM & IRCF), Airway & 4C course (only contact programme) mandatory for CTCCM Candidates.(Applicable from 1st Jan 2020 registrations).

Candidates selection process :

Candidates may directly apply to the accredited Institute where they would like to pursue training.

Institute accredition criteria :

All institutes accreditated for IDCCM from the date of approval.

Candidate assessment :

Exit exam will be conducted at the completion of 2 years of training and will comprise of theory exam of 100 MCQ’s. Practical exam to be given by only those candidates who pass theory exam. Practical exam will comprise of 2 cases (history taking, examination & documentation), 3 tables (1. Basics of ABG, ECG, Drugs, Radiology, 2. ACLS, 3. Airway & Basics of ventilation) Successful candidates will be given certificate of completion of Critical Care certificate course and can proceed to do IDCCM if they wish.They will be considered on par with Diploma candidates and should pursue IDCCM training for 2 years.

Training & Exam gap for candidates:

The candidates should complete the course tenure of training within 3 years of registering for the course and will be allowed to appear for the exam (both theory and practical) upto a maximum period of 3 years after completion of the course. Candidates not able to clear both theory and/or practical exam within this time frame will have to redo the entire course tenure (1 or 2 year as per the eligibility). The candidate is allowed for maximum of two practical attempts after passing the theory exam failing which he/she will have to re-appear the theory exam. If the candidate is able to complete only one practical attempt at the end of 3 years time period which he/she fails, he/she will not be allowed for the second practical attempt and will have to redo the entire course period

Step Attendances:

Effective from 1st December 2020 attendance during the STEP programme for all students of CTCCM would be mandatory All students would need to have a minimum of 60% attendance for an academic year in order to be considered eligible to give the exams.