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Date: 29-03-2020

An earnest appeal to Chairpersons and Secretaries

Dear Friends

COVID19 pandemic has taken a serious turn causing extensive loss of human life & disrupting normal social life. It has created an unprecedented stress & challenges to the healthcare system across models of governance. Its health & economic impact is colossus and has the potential to cause wide scale recession & disruption.

India till now has done well. Her public health system has shown the will to tackle it upfront and has risen beyond the expectations of many dooms day predictors. Now gradually action is shifting towards, as the cases & mortality has started rising, towards hospitals & organized curative healthcare institutions. It’s a big challenge & people are having a (self) doubt whether we will be able to rise to the occasion or not. Everyone is pointing towards the scarcity of intensive care beds in general & ventilators in particular, poor infrastructure in public sector hospitals of critical care & enormous cost of care in private sector. It is further compounded by lack of reliable effective drugs against Corona virus.

We as a professional body of intensivists take the threat of corona to Indian public health & economy very seriously. The images from across the world are no doubt disturbing, but we have to take it as a challenge to provide best possible quality intensive care to each & every fellow countrymen & women. To provide that we need training, repeated practice, mock drills & collaboration with colleagues of other professional bodies & governments-both central as well as state. We as the guardian of critical care has the capacity & most important resource of all-trained competent, progressive looking professionals from varied discipline, who are working together with one aim : to provide quality critical care to people of our great nation in cost effective manner without compromising quality Therefore it is a humble appeal to each & every member in general & leadership at both center as well as at state & branch level in particular to do SWOT analysis in your hospitals, institutes & cities. Collaborate with colleagues from other professional bodies, IMA & respective state governments. Take charge of training people in triaging, basics of resuscitation, oxygen therapy including HFNC, airway care including intubation, ventilatory care (both invasive & non-invasive), haemodynamic monitoring & nursing care of critically sick. Please do not forgot infection control including Donning & Doffing of PPE.

I therefore appeal to chairpersons and secretaries of all branches of the ISCCM to liaise with local IMA branch and formulate strategies customized to local social-cultural & economic environment. I will strongly recommend to each branch & de-facto state chapters to approach state governments & offer to help them train their manpower & if need be support their initiative, in whatever way, wholeheartedly to effectively tide over this challenge & emerging healthcare crisis.

We need both moral courage & mental toughness in this hour of emerging crisis. Together we stand & divided we fall. We have to be each other’s strength & support morally, emotionally & financially if need be. We need each other’s best wishes in this challenging endeavor. All the best to each of you. I am sure with each & every members participation, we will come out unscathed.

Please feel free to write to me or to the general secretary Dr Srinivas Samavedam

Prof. Dhruva Chaudhry