The sole aim of these training programs is to enhance the skills of care providers who are working in the field of Critical Care Medicine so that patient care can be standardized and good quality care can be provided to patients. These courses are not recognized by Medical Council of India.


Duration of IFCCM is one year post IDCCM.


Direct registration for IFCCM for post MD candidates will be accepted but such candidates should pass IDCCM prior to appearing for IFCCM. Duration of course is 2 years.

Note 1: Direct Entry to IFCCM examination
a. FNB, DM Critical Care
Those who have cleared FNB, DM Critical Care are allowed for direct entry to IFCCM examination.
b. Candidate who has a foreign qualification in critical care (Subject to approval from college board)
Those who have a foreign qualification in Critical Care, can directly apply for IFCCM examination, 2 years after their return to work in India. However the candidate should be working in an ISCCM recognised Institution.

Note 2:
Post MBBS (CTCCM) Trainee who have passed IDCCM are not eligible to apply for IFCCM Course.

Successful completion of IDCCM

IFCCM Accredited Institutions ( Institutes and teachers )

Institute Location Teachers Email Id Mobile No. Memb No. Annual Intake(Seats) Accredited Since Academic Coordinator
Aditya Birla Hospial Pune
Dr. Urvi Shukla shuklaurvi@yahoo.com 9922994977 09/S-678
1 Dr. Yuvraj Jogdand
Apex Hospitals Pvt. Ltd. Jaipur
Dr. Priya Mathur priyamathur2753855@gmail.com 9829323858 02/M-167
1 2016 Dr. Ruchi Khanna
Apollo First Med Hospital Chennai
Dr.Ashwin Mani ashwin.mani@gmail.com 9940042813 06/M-288
1 Dr.Ashwin Mani
Apollo Gleneagles Hospital Kolkata
Dr.Suresh Ramasubban drsuresh@hotmail.com 9831740837 07/R-252
1 2009 Sarita Chatterjee
Apollo Healthcity, Jubilee Hills Hyderabad
Dr. Rajib Paul raaj0271@yahoo.co.in 9849079541 03/P-212
2 Dr Subba Reddy K
Apollo Hospitals International Ltd. Ahmedabad
Dr. Jay Kothari kotharijay@yahoo.com 9925174717 00/K-147
Dr. Manoj Singh drmanojsingh@rediffmail.com 9925179799 07/S-542
Dr Maharshi Bipinchandra Desai maharshi_desai@yahoo.com 9324382828 05/D-208
1 2013 Dr. Manoj Singh
Apollo Main Hospital Chennai
Dr. N. Ramakrishnan icudoctor@gmail.com 9840855115 03/R-159
Dr.Babu Abraham abrahambk@gmail.com 9884286660 04/A-177
Dr.Ramesh Venkataraman ccmramesh@gmail.com 9940219670 07/V-118
3 Dr.Ramesh Venkataraman
Apollo Speciality Hospital Chennai
Dr.R.Senthilkumar rskumaricu@gmail.com 9444927291 07/S-563
Dr. V.Dedeepiya Devaprasad dedeepiya_76@yahoo.co.in 9444216333 11/D-328
2 Dr.R.Senthilkumar
Artemis Health Institute Gurgaon
Dr. Reshma Tewari doctor.reshmat@gmail.com 9958402254 99/M-98
Dr Jeetendra Sharma drjeetendrasharma@gmail.com 7042118485 04/S-422
2 Ms Anshi Chawla
Asian Institute of Medical Sciences Faridabad
Dr. Sandip Bhattacharrya sandipfbd2001@yahoo.co.in 9818599788 04/B-206
Dr. Manav Manchanda manavminakshi@yahoo.com 9818725656 06/M-293
2 Dr. Sandip Bhattacharrya
B.L.Kapur Hospital New Delhi
Dr.Rajesh Kumar Pande rajeshmaitree2000@gmail.com 9810536268 04/P-252
2 Dr. Rajesh Kumar Pande
Baby Memorial Hospital Ltd. Calicut
Dr Praveen Kumar pkdrpraveen007@gmail.com 9447219259 03/K-242
1 Mr. Viswan. A
Bharati Vidyapeeth University Medical College & Hospital Pune
Dr. Elizabeth C.Sada chyyosada@yahoo.com 9822181282 08/S-625
Dr. Jignesh Shah drshahjignesh@rediffmail.com 9324256057 06/S-495
2 Dr. Prashant P Jedge
Bombay Hospital Mumbai
Dr. Pravin Amin pravinramin@gmail.com 9820121455 93/A-1
Dr. Sureshkumar Jain drsureshkjain@gmail.com 9821144890 05/J-167
2 Maria D’souza
Breach Candy Hospital Mumbai
Dr. Mangal Jain drmrjain96@yahoo.in 9821035663 07/J-201
Dr. F. E. Udwadia drfeudwadia@gmail.com HLM/U-24
2 Dr. Sunil Bandekar
Care Hospital Hyderabad
Dr Bhavani Prasad Gudavalli bpgudavalli@gmail.com 9951700794 08/G-291
1 Dr Pavan Kumar Reddy
Christian Medical College Vellore
Dr.J.V.Peter peterjohnvictor@yahoo.com.au 9626793284 06/V-105
Dr.K.Subramani ksubramani9@hotmail.com 9486046929 08/S-596
Dr. Mathew Joseph mjoseph@cmcvellore.ac.in 9894032018 03/J-125
3 Dr. Shoma V Rao
Columbia Asia Hospital Bangalore
Dr.Karthik Rao raokasa@gmail.com 9900323809 09/R-275
Dr.Pradeep Rangappa prangap939@gmail.com 9611700888 06/R-225
2 2014 Dr.Pradeep Rangappa
Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital Pune
Dr. Sameer Jog drjogs@gmail.com 9823018178 99/J-59
Dr. Rajhans Prasad dmhicu@gmail.com 020-49153406 99/R-82
Dr.Prasad Akole prasadakolesocial@gmail.com 9822646651 03/A-122
3 Mr Jaydeep Girigosavi
Escorts Heart Institute New Delhi
Dr. Anil Karlekar karlekar@gmail.com 9810266905 07/K-334
Dr. Sunil Dhole sunildhole@hotmail.com 9818797544 07/D-243
2 2004 Mrs. Santosh Chhabra
Fortis Escorts Hospital Jaipur
Dr.Shabbar Joad shabbarjoad@hotmail.com 9828043036 99/J-66
1 2008 Vaibhav Garg
Fortis Escorts Hospital and Research Center Faridabad
Dr.Supradip Ghosh intensivist1972@gmail.com 9818590021
1 Amitabha Das
Fortis Hiranandani Hospital Mumbai
Dr. Chandrashekhar S. Tulasigeri chandru200771@gmail.com 9930111932 04/T-99
1 2016 Poonam Vayal
Fortis Hospital Noida
Dr.Mrinal Sircar mrinalsircar@yahoo.co.uk 9871292226 01/S-247
1 2010 Mr. Pawan Kumar Jain
Fortis Hospital Mohali
Dr.Amit Mandal dramitkrmandal@yahoo.co.in 9779901068 04/A-147
Dr. Adarsh chandra Swami adarshchandraswami@yahoo.com 9878815996 14/S-1125
2 Dr Amit Kumar mandal
Fortis Hospital (Wockhardt),Mulund Mumbai
Dr. Rahul Pandit dr_rapandit@yahoo.com 9820595519 11/P-454
Dr Haresh Meshram haresh05@yahoo.com 9890063945 07/M-307
3 Mubina Karbari
Fortis Hospital, Vasant Kunj New Delhi
Dr.Vivek Nangia viveknangia@gmail.com 9810048885 07/N-119
Dr. Gauri Shankar Sharma dr_gaurishankar@yahoo.com 9818282489 10/S-757
2 Mr Neeraj Sharma
Indraprastha Apollo Hospital New Delhi
Dr. Sudha Kansal kansalsudha08@gmail.com 9810399558 02/K-205
Dr. Rajesh Chawla drchawla@hotmail.com 9810033395 98/C-64
Dr.Avdesh Bansal avdheshb@gmail.com 9810037195 99/B-100
3 2002 Dr. Rajesh Chawla
Jaslok Hospital Mumbai
Dr. Jamshed Sunavala sunavala@rediffmail.com 9821075875 03/S-351
1 Dr. Shruti Tandan Pardasani
Jehangir Hospital Pune
Dr.Kayanoosh Kadapatti drkayanoosh@gmail.com 9822396905 01/I-11
Dr. Aparna Kulkarni gdkaparna22@yahoo.co.in 9881092560 05/K-279
2 Dr.Shilpa Edithara
Jubilee Mission Medical College Thrissur
Dr Cherish Paul cherishpaul@yahoo.com 8281295677 15/P-669
1 19th May 2018 Dr Akhil Babu C.S 
Jupiter Lifeline Hospital Thane
Dr. Ravindra M Ghawat ravighawat@yahoo.co.in 9820523959 02/G-133
K. E. M. Hospital Pune
Dr. Rajesh Gadia rgadia@hotmail.com 9823040004 94/G-15
Dr. Leena Shah l4shahdoc@gmail.com 9850811659 00/S-235
Dr.Pradeep DCosta pradeepdcosta@yahoo.co.in 9822632812 01/D-133
Dr. Balasaheb Bande drbandebd@hotmail.com 9822051593 94/B-22
3 Dr Dayanand Shetty
KIMS Hospital Secunderabad
Dr Sambit Sahu sambit2K@yahoo.com 9989505763 08/S-624
Kokilaben Dhirubai Ambani Hospital Mumbai
Dr.Vatsal Kothari vatsalkothari@gmail.com 9321515822 05/K-286
1 2015 Dr Rekha Barot
Kovai Medical Center & Hospital Coimbatore
Dr. N. Selvarajan drseldhana@gmail.com 9842298198 97/N-23
1 Dr. N. Selvarajan
Lilavati Hospital & Research Centre Mumbai
Dr. Conrad Rui Vas conradruivas@yahoo.com 9820125932 93/V-5
1 Ms. Trupti Tuplondhe
Maharaja Agrasen Hospital,Punjabi Bagh New Delhi
Dr Kapil Dev Chhabra drkapil_chhabra@yahoo.com 9958677554 07/D-238
1 19th May 2018 Dr Kapil Dev Chhabra
Manipal Hospital Bangalore
Dr. Sunil Karanth drsunilkaranth@gmail.com 9538447164 04/S-411
Dr Ajith Kumar A.K ajithkumaraxk@hotmail.com 9900846121 01/K-162
2 Dr. Rashmi Sanjay
Max Super Speciality Hospital Mohali
Dr Deepak Bhasin drdbhasin@yahoo.co.in 9779950888 07/B-278
1 2015 Sukhmanpreet Kaur
Max Super Speciality Hospital, Shalimar Bagh New Delhi
Dr Ajay Gupta ajaygupta1967@hotmail.com 9891690204 07/G-278
1 Ms. Pratima Chhabra
Max Super Specialty Hospital Patparganj New Delhi
Dr. Y.P.Singh ypsinghmrt@gmail.com 8800531155 01/S-261
1 Dr. Y.P.Singh
Max Super Specialty Hospital Saket New Delhi
Dr. Omender Singh omender.critical@gmail.com 9810734246 98/S-189
1 Mr Sanjay Dhankar
Max Superspeciality Hospital,Vaishali Ghaziabad
Dr Manish Gupta drmanish2004@yahoo.co.in 9868081770 07/G-265
1 2019 Dr Manish Gupta

Medanta Abdur Razzaque Ansari Memorial Weaver's Hospital(A Unit of Global Health Pvt. Ltd.) Ranchi
Dr. Tapas Kumar Sahoo tapask.sahoo@gmail.com 7070993343 14/S-1180
1 2019 Dr. Tapas Kumar Sahoo
Medanta, The Medicity Gurgaon
Dr. Deepak Govil drdeepak_govil@yahoo.co.in 9818056688 00/G-90
Dr Sweta J Patel drsweta@yahoo.com 9910061860 06/P-298
Dr. Yatin Mehta yatinmehta@hotmail.com 9971698149 02/M-184
Dr. Mohd. Tariq Ali drtariqali@hotmail.com 9871982816 01/A-79
Dr. Chitra Mehta mehtachitra@hotmail.com 9910395037 03/M-198
4 Dr. Deepak Govil
Medical Trust Hospital Kochi
Dr. Vinodan K. drvinodan@gmail.com 9745011922 03/V-66
1 Dr. P.V. Louis,
Nanavati Superspeciality Hospital Mumbai
Dr. Abdul Samad Ansari drabdulansari@yahoo.co.in 9820812062 05/A-199
1 2014 Dr.Neeta Joshi
Narayana Hrudayalaya Bangalore
Dr Muralidhar Kanchi kanchirulestheworld@gmail.com 9980163108 97/K-40
Dr. Ratankumar Gupta ratang65@yahoo.com 9845138504 04/G-184(b)
2 2013 Mr Mahadevan
P. D. Hinduja Hospital Mumbai
Dr. Farhad Kapadia fnkapadia@gmail.com 9821031643 93/K-3
Dr. Simran Singh simranjsingh@hotmail.com 9820475636 98/S-149
Dr. Ashit Hegde ahegde1957@gmail.com 9821071313 93/H-3
Dr. Khusrav Bajan drkhusrav@gmail.com 9820500534 97/B-51
3 Dr. Ashit Hegde
Rabindranath Tagore International Institute of Cardiac Sciences Kolkata
Dr. Emmanuel Rupert erupert@gmail.com 9831256910 06/R-229
Dr. Animesh Gupta doc_a_gupta@rediffmail.com 9836156624 03/G-168
1 2015 Ms. Ilora Ghosh
Regency Hospital Kanpur
Dr. Ashok Kumar Singh dr_ashok_rhl@yahoo.com 9839096578 98/K-95
1 2011 Dr.Rajesh Agarwal
Ruby Hall Clinic Pune
Dr. Kapil Zirpe kapilzirpe@gmail.com 9822844212 97/Z-3
Dr. Prachee Sathe prachee.sathe@gmail.com 9960686867 93/S-28
Dr Sushma K. Gurav kirtisush_gurav@yahoo.co.in 9860034778 08/G-298
3 Dr.  D.  N.  Bhalerao
Saifee Hospital Mumbai
Dr. C. K. Jani drcharujani@gmail.com 9892800883 93/J-7
1 Dr. Shabina Shaikh
Satguru Pratap Singh Apollo Hospital Ludhiana
Dr. Anupam Srivastava shrivastava_anupam@rediffmail.com 9872239300 09/S-661
1 Dr. G. L. Avasthi
Shree Medical Foundation - Prayag Hospital Pune
Dr. Shirish Prayag critical@vsnl.com 9822012390 93/P-21
Dr. Sandhya Talekar sandhya_talekar@yahoo.com 9923409961 93/T-6
2 1998 Ms. Nilima Vaidy
:020-25532490 / 25532812
Sir Gangaram Hospital New Delhi
Dr. Prakash Shastri prakashshastri@live.in 9810937295 05/S-442
Dr. Brijendra Rao drbkrao@gmail.com 9811177755 99/R-98
Dr. Debashis Dhar ddhar2001@yahoo.co.in 9811231261 02/D-140
Dr. Vinod Kumar Singh vinodksingh66@yahoo.co.in 9810301011 04/V-71
4 Dr Vinod Kumar Singh
Sri Ramchandra Medical College & Research Institute Chennai
Dr. Ram E. Rajagopalan rajagopalan.ram@gmail.com 9841010859 94/R-10
1 2004 Dr. Ram E. Rajagopalan
St. John's Medical College Bangalore
Dr. Sriram Sampath sriram.sampath123@gmail.com 9741384897 98/S-161
Dr Bhuvana Krishna bhuvana.11@gmail.com 9945693221 07/K-325
2 Dr Bhuvana Krishna
Star Hospital Hyderabad
Dr. Ippala Chandana Reddy drchandanasekhar@gmail.com 9866284070 11/R-322
1 Dr. Ippala Chandana Reddy
Sundaram Medical Foundation Chennai
Dr M Prabhu icuprabhu@gmail.com 9841216007 99/P-145
1 Dr. M Prabhu

Training & Exam gap for candidates:

Candidates should complete the course tenure of training within a maximum period of 3 years and will be allowed to appear for the examination up to 3 years after completion of the course. Candidates are allowed a maximum of 3 attempts for the 1 & 2 year courses. (w.e.f January 2020 registrations).

  • Candidates are selected after they pass the IDCCM exam by recognized teacher of the respective institutes.

  • The selection process may vary institute to institute, it is at the sole discretion of Teacher and institution. ISCCM is not involved in selection process directly or indirectly.

  • Candidates will be paid a salary/stipend as per the rules of the institute where they are appointed.

The Registration fees is 11800/- and Repeater fees is 5900/-

Direct registration fees for IFCCM Exam is Rs. 29,500/- (fees include GST) and Repeater Fees is Rs. 14,750(Fees include GST)

First Batch : Start Date- April 1st Last Date for Registration - May 31st

Second Batch : Start Date-October 1st Last Date for Registration November 30th

Apply Online: Click Here

No hospital, institute or individual may levy any direct or indirect fee to an individual candidate in any relation to the course. The only fee is that which is to be given directly to the society at the time of registration or repeat examination.

(Note: Within 90 days of enrollment of IFCCM candidates a research proposal must be submitted to the college countersigned by the teacher w.e.f April 2019 registration)

Late Fees Charges for courses registration:

Candidates will be allowed to register after the deadline of registration within 7 days with late fees. Extra 50% of the course fees with GST will be charge for the registrations. (w.e.f January 2020 registrations)

Eligibility for appearing in Exam of IFCCM

  • Candidates are eligible to appear for the fellowship exam (IFCCM) after completing one year training post IDCCM in a recognized centre.

Mandatory requirements to be completed prior to exam

  • Certificate from the teacher/institute stating satisfactory completion of training.

  • Training & Assessment Record Form should be duly filled and certified by teacher.

  • Candidates with a basic qualification in medicine or allied subjects should undergo training for at least 3 months in anaesthesia with emphasis on airway management and use of anaesthesic drugs.

  • A poster/ oral paper should be presented at any national conference within 1 ½ years of registration OR the candidate can submit a paper published/accepted for publication in a peer reviewed indexed journal (he/she should be a 1st, 2nd or corresponding author).The poster/paper may be presented not only in the ISCCM national conference, but any national body meeting related to critical care (e.g APICON, MAPCON, ISACON) or international conference of various societies e,.g ESICM, SCCM, ERS and ATS. The presentation should be done during the duration of the course.The poster/paper presentation certificate or publication copy should be submitted for getting the IFCCM certificate. (w.e.f. from April 2019 registration).

The structure of IFCC exam

  • Exam will be conducted by four examiners in an ICU setting & will include

    • Part I: 3 Clinical cases + Communication
    • Part II: 4 Stations
      • Logbook, Project & Research paper evaluation
      • Investigations
      • Hemodynamics
      • Ventilation
    • Instructions:
      Both parts are mandatory. Passing in each part separately is mandatory. Passing marks are 50 % for each section.

Candidates will be awarded the fellowship after passing the exam in the convocation ceremony at the next annual conference of the ISCCM

List of Successful Candidates in IFCCM Exam November 2015
Name Institute Teacher
Dr Ahsan Ahmed Medica Super Speciality Hosptial Dr. Arindam Kar
Dr N. Karthi Raj Apollo First Med Hospital, Chennai Dr. Ashwin Kumar Mani
Dr Namrata Maheshwari Fortis Hospital,Mohali Dr. A.K. Mandal
Dr Nisha Mukundan Alternative Pathway II Alternative Pathway II
Dr R. Pratheema Apollo Main Hospital, Chennai Dr. Ramesh Venkataraman
Dr Ripenmeet Salhotra Fortis Escorts Hospital and Research Center Dr.Supradip Ghosh
Dr Ronak Maheshkumar Yagnik Apollo Main Hospital,Chennai Dr.N.Ramakrishnan
Dr Shubha Sharma Alternative Pathway II Alternative Pathway II
List of Successful Candidates in IFCCM Exam May 2015
Name Institute Teacher
Dr. Bhavesh Mukund Gandhir Breach Candy Hospital, Mumbai Dr. F.E. Udwadia
Dr. Mahesh S. Parmar P.D. Hinduja Hospital, Mumbai Dr. Ashit Hegde
Dr. Manju Mathew Apollo Main Hospital, Chennai Dr. Babu Abraham
Dr. Rubina Khullar Mahajan Christian Medical College,Vellore Dr. Peter John Victor
Dr. Shilpa N.V. Narayana Hrudayalaya Hospital, Bangalore Dr. Natarajan Rajagopalan/Dr. Ratan Kumar Gupta
Dr. Sneha Madkaiker Sundaram Medical Foundation, Chennai Ram Rajgopalan
Dr. Vivekanand Rajendran Columbia Asia Hospital, Bangalore Dr. Pradeep Rangappa
List of Successful Candidates in IFCCM Exam November 2014
Name Institute Teacher
Dr. Ankur Devendra Bhavsar Alternative Pathway -II Alternative Pathway -II
Dr. Bhargav M. Manipal Hospital, Bangalore Dr. Jose Chacko
Dr. Revathi Aiyer Alternative Pathway -II Alternative Pathway -II
Dr. Sanjay Eknath Walke P. D. Hinduja Hospital, Mumbai Dr. Ashit V. Hegde
Dr. Venkatesha Gupta Narayana Hrudayalaya Hospital, Bangalore Dr. Natarajan Rajagopalan/Dr. Ratan Kumar Gupta
List of Successful Candidates in IFCCM Exam April 2014
Name Institute Teacher
Dr.Adithya.V.Bhardwaj Apollo Main Hospital, Chennai Dr.Ramesh Venkataraman
Dr.Archana Srivastava P.D.Hinduja Hospital,Mumbai Dr. Ashit Hegde
Dr.Bhuvana Krishna St. John's Hospital, Bangalore Dr.Sriram Sampath
Dr.Daniel.T.Kurian Apollo Main Hospital, Gremas Road Chennai Dr.Ramesh Venkataraman
Dr.Gavde Rajesh Jayantrao K.E.M. Hospital Pune Dr. Leena
Dr.Kesavarapu Subba Reddy Apollo Health City, Hyderabad Dr.P.B.N. Gopal
Dr.Kishore Mangal Max Super Speciality Hospital, Saket new delhi Dr.Omender Singh
Dr.Kumar Vishal Indraprastha Apollo Hospital,New Delhi Dr. Rajesh Chawla
Dr.Praveen Bajaj Max Superspeciality Hospital, Saket New Delhi Dr.Omender Singh
Dr.Sachin Gupta Medanta The Medicity, Gurgaon Dr.Deepak Govil
List of Successful Candidates in IFCCM Exam November 2013
Name Institute Teacher
Dr. Swapnil R. Patharekar Bombay Hospital,Mumbai Pravin Amin
List of Successful Candidates in IFCCM Exam April 2013
Name Institute Teacher
Dr. B. Sudarshan Reddy Manipal Hospital,Bangalore Dr. Jose Chacko
Dr. Balaji Venkatachalam Apollo First Med,Chennai Dr. Ashwinkumar Mani
Dr. Dipti Chand Alternative Pathway -II Alternative Pathway -II
Dr. Himanshu Dewan Fortis Escort Heart Institute,New Delhi Dr. Amit Varma
Dr. Indraneel Raut Jaslok Hospital,Mumbai Dr. J.D.Sunavala
Dr. Rahul Kumar Sir Gangaram Hospital,New Delhi Dr. Sumit Ray
Dr. Rajendra Popatlal Raval Alternative Pathway -II Alternative Pathway -II
Dr. Vikram Babanrao Amale Breach Candy Hospital,Mumbai Dr. F.E. Udwadia
List of Successful Candidates in IFCCM Exam April 2012
Name Institute Teacher
Dr. Ebenezer R. Apollo Main Hospital, Chennai Dr. N. Ramakrishnan
Dr. Minal Jariwala P.D. Hinduja Hospital, Mumbai Dr. Farhad Kapadia
Dr. Prashant Walse P.D. Hinduja Hospital, Mumbai Dr. Ashit Hegde
Dr. Sankalp Purwar Sir Gangaram Hospital,New Delhi Dr. Sumit Ray
Dr. Vivek Kumar Alternative Pathway -II Alternative Pathway -II
List of Successful Candidates in IFCCM Exam April 2011
Name Institute Teacher
Dr. Avinash Agarwal Sir Ganga Ram Hospital Dr. Prakash Shastri
Dr. Gunjan Chanchalani Lilavati Hospital, Mumbai Dr. Prakash Jindani
Dr. Rajeswari Gadagkar Jehangir Hospital, Pune Dr. S.S.Iyer
Dr. Rishi Kumar Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai Dr. J. V. Divatia
Dr. Sunil Kumar Garg Sir Ganga Ram Hospital Dr.Prakash Shastri
List of Successful Candidates in IFCCM Exam April 2010
Name Institute Teacher
Dr. Kavita Kamineni Apollo Main Hospital, Chennai Dr.N. Ramakrishnan
Dr. Mehul Shah Bombay Hospital Institute of Medical Science Dr. Pravin Amin
Dr. Shalini Nair Christian Medical College, Vellore Dr. George John
Dr. Vinoda Gonchikar Lokmanya Hospital, Pune Dr. Lalitha Pillai
List of Successful Candidates in IFCCM Exam April 2009
Name Institute Teacher
Dr. Harshal Thaker Indraprastaha Apollo Hospital,New Delhi Dr. Rajesh Chawla
Dr. Mitul Chavda Apollo Main Hospital, Chennai Dr. N. Ramakrishnan
Dr. Purvesh V. Umarania Lilavati hospital, Mumbai Dr. Prakash Jaindani