The sole aim of these training programs is to enhance the skills of care providers who are working in the field of Critical Care Medicine so that patient care can be standardized and good quality care can be provided to patients.These courses are not recognized by Medical Council of India.


Duration of the Indian Diploma in Critical Care course (IDCC) is one year for MD/MS/DNB candidates and 22 months for DA/DTCD/FCPS Medicine or equivalent candidates.


  • Diploma in Anaesthesia/Diploma in Chest diseases/Diploma in Orthopedics.
  • MD Medicine/Chest/Anaesthesia
  • DNB Medicine/Chest/Anaesthesia/Emergency Medicine
  • MS General Surgery/Orthopedics
  • MRCEM-If approved by Medical Council of India
  • The base qualifications must be from a MCI recognized university.
  • In case of any doubt/controversy regarding the eligibility, the course coordinator should be consulted. Decisions by the ISCCM executive committee in this regard will be final & binding.

Institute accredition criteria : All institutes accreditated for IDCCM from the date of approval.

MD Emergency if approved by MCI would be eligible for IDCCM henceforth (from July 2013)

IDCCM Accredited Institutions ( Institutes and teachers )

Institute Location Teachers Email Id Mobile No. Memb No. Annual Intake(Seats) Accredited Since Academic Coordinator
Aditya Birla Hospial Pune
Dr. Urvi Shukla 9922994977 09/S-678
Dr Venkatesh Laxmikantrao Dhat 9822285842 05/D-205
Dr. Sangita Sahebrao Thakare 9881429127 09/T-153
4 Dr. Yuvraj Jogdand
Alchemist Hospital Panchkula
Dr. Mohit Mahajan 9915870866 16/M-699
2 2012 Dr. Neetu Mehra
AMRI Hospitals Bhubaneswar
Dr Samir Sahu 9437005552 94/S-37
Dr Sarat Kumar Behera 9438298800 07/B-266
Dr Jagadish Rath 9439748218 07/R-245
4 2016 Mrs Subhashree Swain
Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences Kochi
Dr. Jerry Paul 9895634546 05/P-263
Dr Lakshmi Kumar 9496211333 14/K-714
Dr. Shyam Sundar P. 9895093011
Dr. Sindhu Balakrishnan 9895148416
4 2011 Mrs Seena Arvind
Apex Hospitals Pvt. Ltd. Jaipur
Dr. Priya Mathur 9829323858 02/M-167
Dr Vipul Khandelwal 9829193577 10/K-458
Dr Namrta Pradhan 9829082128 13/P-568
4 2016 Dr. Ruchi Khanna
Apollo BGS Hospital Mysore
Dr. Ramakrishna M N 9902060346 06/I-19
2 2014 Dr. Anjali Arun
Apollo First Med Hospital Chennai
Dr.Ashwin Mani 9940042813 06/M-288
2 Dr.Ashwin Mani
Apollo Gleneagles Hospital Kolkata
Dr.Suresh Ramasubban 9831740837 07/R-252
Dr Lawni Goswami 9874010009 09/G-339
4 2009 Sarita Chatterjee
Apollo Healthcity, Jubilee Hills Hyderabad
Dr. Rajib Paul 9849079541 03/P-212
Dr Subba Reddy K 9989385110 10/R-307
Dr Sudeep Sirga 9848737279 17/S-1441
Dr. K. Swarna Deepak 8142302268 14/K-665
4 Dr Subba Reddy K
Apollo Hospital Bhubaneswar
Dr. B. Ray 9238310648 95/R-30
Dr Sharmili Sinha 9861550079 11/S-810
Dr. Saroj Kumar Pattnaik 9439832424 09/P-364
4 Dr Ashima Prusty
Apollo Hospital Bilaspur
Dr. Vinit Kumar Srivastava 9755557539 12/S-943
Dr. Manoj Kumar Rai 9755550857 07/R-254
Dr. Parineeta Jaiswal 9630005677 12/J-302
2 11th August 2018 Dr P K Panda
Apollo Hospital OMR Chennai Chennai
Dr. Devachandran 9566185114 14/J-348
Dr. Vignesh C. 9884215326 14/C-313
2 20th July 2019 Dr J Devachandran
Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Limited Navi Mumbai
Dr. Tushar Parmar 9820863981 11/P-463
Dr. Aklesh Tandekar 9987501046 10/T-168
Dr. Gunadhar Padhi 9619528973 14/P-636
2 11th August 2018 Dr Aklesh Tandekar
Apollo Hospitals Guwahati, Unit International Hospital Guwahati
Dr. Deepom Sharma 8876820842 09/S-664
Dr. Swarup Ranjan De 8486443743 10/D-295
Dr. Pranab Kumar Medhi 9706015257 10/M-403
2 2017 Dr. Swarup Ranjan De
Apollo Hospitals International Ltd. Ahmedabad
Dr. Jay Kothari 9925174717 00/K-147
Dr. Manoj Singh 9925179799 07/S-542
Dr Maharshi Bipinchandra Desai 9324382828 05/D-208
6 2013 Dr. Manoj Singh
Apollo Main Hospital Chennai
Dr. N. Ramakrishnan 9840855115 03/R-159
Dr. Raymond Dominic Savio 8056051847 05/S-445
Dr.Babu Abraham 9884286660 04/A-177
Dr.Ramesh Venkataraman 9940219670 07/V-118
8 Dr.Ramesh Venkataraman
Apollo Speciality Hospital Chennai
Dr.R.Senthilkumar 9444927291 07/S-563
Dr. V.Dedeepiya Devaprasad 9444216333 11/D-328
4 Dr.R.Senthilkumar
Apollo Speciality Hospital, Vanagaram Chennai
Dr. R. Ebenezer 9842035740 08/E-13
Dr. Ashok Kumar R. 9940511393 11/A-326
2 2017 Dr. R. Ebenezer
Artemis Health Institute Gurgaon
Dr Mukesh Kumar Gupta 8826588031 05/G-196
Dr Suvasish Chakraberty 8174834564 05/C-133
Dr Rajeev Chaudhry 9810246549 12/C-250
Dr. Reshma Tewari 9958402254 99/M-98
Dr Jeetendra Sharma 7042118485 04/S-422
Dr. Ram Narayan 9958429243 11/N-156
Dr. Rati Bansal Goel 9650631257 14/G-530
Dr. Saurabh Kumar Das 8587889525 13/D-404
Dr. Sujan Dey 9971638559 11/D-322
Dr Kuldeep Singh 9999666780 09/S-679
Dr. Sumit Ray 9810614433 07/R-236
6 Ms Anshi Chawla
Ashwini Sahakari Rugnalaya Ani Sanshodhan Kendra Solapur
Dr Siddheshwar Rudrakshi 9822072101 00/R-102
Dr Nirmal Taparia 9130021551 15/T-265
2 2016 Dr Nirmal Taparia
Ashwini Hospital Cuttack
Dr Prasanna Kumar Mishra 9437026526 94/M-23
2 2016 Mr.Sanjay Panda
Asian Heart Institute Mumbai
Dr. Vijay D' Silva 9820072017 11/D-320
2 2011 Dr. Vijay D' Silva
Asian Institute of Medical Sciences Faridabad
Dr. Sandip Bhattacharrya 9818599788 04/B-206
Dr. Manav Manchanda 9818725656 06/M-293
4 Dr. Sandip Bhattacharrya
Aster Aadhar Hospital Kolhapur
Dr. Ajay Govindrao Keni 9823864848 93/K-1
Dr. Ajit Kulkarni Vinayakrao 9371648508 98/K-83
Dr. Amol Vasantrao Kodolikar 9371645807 02/K-181
2 2014 Dr Manjushree Pardeshi
Aster Medicity Hospital Kochi
Dr. Anuroop Balagopal 9447473376 11/B-372
Dr. Jobin Abraham 9497687608 12/A-344
Dr. Ranjit Unnikrishnan 9645087959 12/U-40
Dr. Suresh G. Nair 9847040849 09/N-145
2 2017 Renukadevi P.A.
Aware Global Hospital Hyderabad
Dr Vajrapu Rajendra 9959166641 06/V-109
2 2015 Dr V Rajendra
B.G.S. Global Hospital Bangalore
Dr. Madhu MS 9535391578 11/M-428
2 2011 Dr. Madhu MS
B.L.Kapur Hospital New Delhi
Dr.Rajesh Kumar Pande 9810536268 04/P-252
Dr Abhishek Vishnu 9911304994 12/V-196
4 Dr. Rajesh Kumar Pande
Baby Memorial Hospital Ltd. Calicut
Dr Praveen Kumar 9447219259 03/K-242
Dr M.C.Rajesh 9847001136 07/M-317
Dr E.K Ramadas 9847002538 02/R-145
4 Mr. Viswan. A
Bangalore Baptist Hospital Bangalore
Dr. Deepa Das 9535023080 06/D-228
2 2017 Dr. Indira Menon
Bansal Hospital Bhopal
Dr. Amit Gupta 9818899716 08/G-302
Dr. Ashwini Malhotra 8878874129 13/M-519
2 2017 Dr. Amit Gupta
BAPS Pramukhswami Hospital Surat
Dr. Chetan Mehta 9879507480 10/M-417
2 2016 Dr. Alpa Parmar
Batra Hospital & Medical Research Centre New Delhi
Dr.S.S.Arora 9810113414 03/A-129
2 Dr.S.S.Arora
Bethany Hospital Thane
Dr. Kuldeep Ashok Dalal 9930313799 04/D-191
2 2017 Dr. Kuldeep Ashok Dalal
Bhagwan Mahaveer Jain Hospital Bangalore
Dr. Basavaraj Kuntoji 9844675255 07/K-341
Dr. Vijaya Kumar H. N. 9886504680 11/V-178
2 19th May 2018 Dr.Basavaraj.Kuntoji
Bharati Vidyapeeth University Medical College & Hospital Pune
Dr. Elizabeth C.Sada 9822181282 08/S-625
Dr. Shivakumar S. Iyer 9822051719 94/I-3
Dr. Jignesh Shah 9324256057 06/S-495
4 Dr. Prashant P Jedge
Bombay Hospital Mumbai
Dr. Pravin Amin 9820121455 93/A-1
Dr. Sujata Mehta 9004675375 06/M-282
Dr. Sureshkumar Jain 9821144890 05/J-167
4 Maria D’souza
Breach Candy Hospital Mumbai
Dr. Mangal Jain 9821035663 07/J-201
Dr. F. E. Udwadia HLM/U-24
4 Dr. Sunil Bandekar
Care Hospital Hyderabad
Dr Bhavani Prasad Gudavalli 9951700794 08/G-291
Dr Pavan Kumar Reddy N 9490480182 11/R-326
Dr Kola Venkat Raman 9490871396 07/K-345
Dr. Krushna Chandra Misra 8121148473 10/M-413
8 Dr Kola Venkat Raman
Care Hospital Visakapatnam
Dr Mohan Maharaj 9949844414 05/M-257
Dr. T. Lakshmi Rani 9866113565 07/T-138
2 2016 Neelufar Begum
Care Hospital Bhubaneswar
Dr. Pragyan Kumar Routray 9439914160 09/R-291
Dr. Dharma Jivan Samantaray 8763476246 15/S-1306
2 22nd December 2018 Dr. Pragyan Kumar Routray
Care Hospital(The Institute of Medical Sciences) Nampally Hyderabad
Dr. Madhusudan Rameshlal Jaju 9440379476 09/J-226
Dr. Pramodini Dandekar 9490116235 97/S-118
Dr Varaprasad Reddy 9491522316 09/R-290
2 2017 Dr. Madhusudan Rameshlal Jaju
Central Hosptial Gondia
Dr. Lockchand Bajaj 9823252700 03/B-187
2 2017 Dr. Yaminee Yelne
Century Superspeciality Hospital Hyderabad
Dr. Sunil T. Pandya 9848742426 99/P-135
Dr. Kuchimanchi V Kameshwarao 9849010985 14/K-693
2 2017 Mr.S.Prasad
Charutar Arogya Mandal- Shree Krishna Hospital Karamsad
Dr Samir B. Patel 8141877077 08/P-341
Dr Sunil Chhajwani 8980808734 15/C-357
Dr. Archana Sinha 8238010477 13/S-963
2 2011 Dr Samir B. Patel
Chirayu Medical College & Hospital Bhopal
Dr. Pradip Bhattacharya 9893181555 02/B-147
Dr Devashish Chakravarthy 9993960035 05/C-141
4 2016 Dr. Pradip Bhattacharya
Christian Medical College Vellore
Dr.J.V.Peter 9626793284 06/V-105
Dr Kishore Pichamuthu 9894428858 08/P-356
Dr Shalini Nair 8489078762 06/N-100
Dr Binila Chacko 9600272412 09/C-203
Dr.K.Subramani 9486046929 08/S-596
Dr. Mathew Joseph 9894032018 03/J-125
Dr. Shoma V. Rao 9489590369 11/R-325
8 Dr. Shoma V Rao
CIMS Hospital Pvt. Ltd Ahmedabad
Dr. Vipul P Thacker 9099068935 06/T-117
Dr. Bhagyesh A. Shah 9099068938 08/S-605
4 2013 Abhishek S. Jain
Citizen's Hospital Hyderabad
Dr Srinivas Jakkinaboina 9652342973 07/J-186
2 2017 Dr Srinivas Jakkinaboina
Columbia Asia Hospital Bangalore
Dr.Karthik Rao 9900323809 09/R-275
Dr.Pradeep Rangappa 9611700888 06/R-225
4 2014 Dr.Pradeep Rangappa
Columbia Asia Hospital Bangalore
Dr. Ashok Elangovan 9483506517 07/E-12
Dr. Ramkumar J. 9483218181 10/J-241
2 11th August 2018 Dr Namita Sinha Verma
Continental Hospitals Hyderabad
Dr Palepu B N Gopal 9000361678 03/G-172
Dr. Subrahmanyam Chandrabhatla 8374844617 09/C-196
Dr. Kavitha Chendhilkumar 9962156015 17/C-431
2 2017 Mrs Lalaitha Devi J
Criticare Hospital and Research Institute Nagpur
Dr Deepak R Jeswani 9823939000 02/J-106
Dr.Tushar Pande 9850338381 08/P-330
2 2016 Dr Deepak R Jeswani
Daya General Hospital Thrissur
Dr K.A.Varghese 9447152635 07/V-116
2 2016 Krishnaprabha Madhu
Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital Pune
Dr. Sameer Jog 9823018178 99/J-59
Dr Pawar Balasaheb Yadavrao 7875185800 06/P-296
Dr. Rajhans Prasad 9158885170 99/R-82
Dr.Prasad Akole 9822646651 03/A-122
Dr Bhagyashri Bhurke 9850210173 09/B-316
Dr. Nilesh Mahale 9082919254 08/M-348
8 Mr Jaydeep Girigosavi
Dispur Hospital Pvt.Ltd. Guwahati
Dr. Ajay Mahanta 9435045066 12/M-504
Dr. Lakshmi Sevak Das 7896055573 10/D-281
2 2013 Ranjan Kakati
Dr Jivraj Mehta Smarak Health Foundation Ahmedabad
Dr Kalpesh K Shah 9824030114 10/S-711
2 2014 Dr. P.C.Parikh
Escorts Heart Institute New Delhi
Dr. Anil Karlekar 9810266905 07/K-334
Dr. Rajat Agarwal 9818851504 05-A/200
Dr. Sunil Dhole 9818797544 07/D-243
Dr. Vineeta Goyal 9958228062 07/G-256
4 2004 Mrs. Santosh Chhabra
Eternal Heart Care Center & Research Institute, Pvt. Ltd. Jaipur
Dr Vaibhav Bhargava 9928787788 11/B-391
Dr. Kishore Mangal 9982212486 11/M-449
2 11th August 2018 Pradeep Verma
Fortis Escorts Hospital Jaipur
Dr.Shabbar Joad 9828043036 99/J-66
Dr Rajeev Lochan Tiwari 9414042352 98/T-44
Dr. Ankit Bansal 9314487490 11/B-374
4 2008 Vaibhav Garg
Fortis Escorts Hospital and Research Center Faridabad
Dr.Supradip Ghosh 9818590021
Dr. Ripenmeet Salhotra 9810390927 11/S-283
2 Amitabha Das
Fortis Hiranandani Hospital Mumbai
Dr. Chandrashekhar S. Tulasigeri 9930111932 04/T-99
2 2016 Poonam Vayal
Fortis Hospital Noida
Dr.Mrinal Sircar 9871292226 01/S-247
4 2010 Mr. Pawan Kumar Jain
Fortis Hospital Kolkata
Dr. Yashesh Paliwal 9051855454 12/P-478
2 2014 Moumita Aich Som
Fortis Hospital Ludhiana
Dr. Sumeet Kumar Jhingan 9316227052 02/J-114
Dr. Sachin Goyal 8284801004 10/G-359
2 11th August 2018 Dr Vinay Singhal
Fortis Hospital Mohali
Dr.Amit Mandal 9779901068 04/A-147
Dr. Adarsh chandra Swami 9878815996 14/S-1125
Dr. Arun Kumar 9872828779 14/K-664
4 Dr Amit Kumar mandal
Fortis Hospital (Wockhardt),Mulund Mumbai
Dr. Rahul Pandit 9820595519 11/P-454
Dr Haresh Meshram 9890063945 07/M-307
4 Mubina Karbari
Fortis Hospital Limited Bangalore
Dr. Padmakumar A V 9880464727 99/P-132
Dr. Garud Suresh Chandan 8494800074 13/S-962
Dr. Pooja P.S. 9538899299 13/S-959
2 2013 Ms. Shyamalima Hazarika (Jenny)
Fortis Hospital Shalimar Bag New Delhi
Dr. Harjit Mahay 9810179921 05/M-258
Dr. Sandeep Aggarwal 9871939425 15/A-478
Dr. Pankaj Kumar 9968278117 03/K-229
Dr. Parveen Kaur 9891673715 12/K-559
4 2012 Dr. Gurvinder Kaur
Fortis Hospital, Cunningham Road Bangalore
Dr Nagaraja Aithal G.R 9739997790 08/N-128
Dr Harish Kumar Ambekar 9980588022 15/A-463
2 2015 Dr Nagaraj Aithal
Fortis Hospital, Vasant Kunj New Delhi
Dr.Vivek Nangia 9810048885 07/N-119
Dr. Gauri Shankar Sharma 9818282489 10/S-757
Dr. Amit Goyal 8130122373 08/G-316
4 Mr Neeraj Sharma
Fortis Memorial Research Institute Gurgaon
Dr Sandeep Dewan 9971112198 07/D-250
Dr Nitin Jain 9818155350 14/J-341
Dr. Munish Chauhan 9650773633 1/C-220
Dr. Pooja Wadwa 9810239607 11/C-229
4 2014 Dr. Pooja Wadwa
Gaba Hospital Yamunanagar
Dr. Bhupinder Singh Gaba 9416021068 07/G-258
2 2017 Dr. B.S. Gaba
Ganga Care Hospital Nagpur
Dr.Kamal.P.Bhutada 9422926165 05/B-233
2 2011 Mr.Satish Tata
Gleneagles Global Hospitals and Health City Chennai
Dr. Vijil K. Rahulan 9445060066 11/R-329
Dr. V.P. Rajavel 9445770688 04/R-198
2 2017 Dr. Vijil K. Rahulan
Global Hospital Hyderabad
Dr Mohan Sathynarayanan 9246160973 08/S-608
Dr. S. Maneendra 8897609688 12/S-915
2 2010 Mr. Gampa Srinivas Rao
Global Hospital, Parel Mumbai
Dr Harish B. Chafle 9221049897 10/C-207
2 2017 Dr. Nirupa Borges
GNRC Ltd, Guwahati Guwahati
Dr. Debajanee Gogoi Majumdar 9435194139 10/G-368
Dr. Anup Dutta 9435089241 16/D-527
Dr. Arnabjyoti Borgohain 9435013908 10/B-357
2 2017 Dr. Debajanee Gogoi Majumdar
Godrej Memorial Hospital Mumbai
Dr. Mita Hasmukh Vira 8652576319 14/V-222
Dr. Dnyaneshwar Sahadeo Shinde 9867063110 11/S-827
2 22nd December 2018 Deepali
Gokul Superspeciality Hospital Rajkot
Dr Digvijaysinh B. Jadeja 9824553353 07/J-204
Dr Tejas A. Motivaras 9879870001 07/M-312
Dr Tejas Karmata 9427776665 10/K-457
2 2015 Dr. Tejas Karmata
Gopala Gowda Shanthaveri Memorial hospital Mysore
Dr Jayaraj Siddaiah 9945671286 03/S-334
Dr. Raghunath Aladakatti 9742104064 06/A-220
Dr. Laxmikant Sannaki 9741499733 10/S-713
4 2014 Dr. Raghunath Aladakatti
H. N. Reliance Hospital Mumbai
Dr. Mayur Patel 9833645119 93/P-1
Dr. Mehul Shirish Shah 9930998294 07/S-543
2 19th May 2018 Dr. Mayur Patel
HCG Hospital Ahmedabad
Dr Bhavik Shah 9712982768 08/S-616
2 2016 Dr Vasant Patel
Holy Family Hospital Mumbai
Dr. Vidyadhara G. Lakkappan 7045355661 13/L-60
2 2015 Dr. Melville Mathias
Holy Spirit Hospital Mumbai
Dr. Manish Kumar Arya 8879136261 11/A-318
2 2017 Dr. Anuja Sinha
Indraprastha Apollo Hospital New Delhi
Dr. Sudha Kansal 9810399558 02/K-205
Dr Athar Parvez Ansari 9811795266 07/A-245
Dr. Rajesh Chawla 9810033395 98/C-64
Dr.Avdesh Bansal 9810037195 99/B-100
8 2002 Dr. Rajesh Chawla
Jaipur National University Institute for Medical Sciences and Research Centre Jaipur
Dr. Neena Rungta 9929111069 01/R-112
Dr. Manish Munjal 9829062550 01/M-129
2 2017 Dr. SP Sharma
Jaslok Hospital Mumbai
Dr. Jamshed Sunavala 9821075875 03/S-351
Dr Shruti Tandon 9323868081 06/T-125
Dr. Indraneel Raut 9324274985 05/R-210
Dr. Anand Bhabhor 8080478408 07/B-273
4 Dr. Shruti Tandan Pardasani
Jaypee Healthcare Hospital Noida
Dr. Shailednra Goel 9320382621 05/G-228
Dr. Gyanendra Agrawal 9560277655
2 2017 Dr Sushil Kumar Srivastava
Jehangir Hospital Pune
Dr.Kayanoosh Kadapatti 9822396905 01/I-11
Dr. Aparna Kulkarni 9881092560 05/K-279
4 Dr.Shilpa Edithara
Jubilee Mission Medical College Thrissur
Dr Cherish Paul 8281295677 15/P-669
2 2015 Dr Akhil Babu C.S 
Jupiter Lifeline Hospital Thane
Dr. Ravindra M Ghawat 9820523959 02/G-133
Dr Gauri Saroj 9821051252 12/S-902
K. E. M. Hospital Pune
Dr. Rajesh Gadia 9823040004 94/G-15
Dr. Leena Shah 9850811659 00/S-235
Dr.Pradeep DCosta 9822632812 01/D-133
Dr. Balasaheb Bande 9822051593 94/B-22
Dr. Pratibha Patel(Patil) 9823073908 98/P-92
Dr. Sachin Uttam Jagdale 9850916848 05/J-135
6 Dr Dayanand Shetty
Kailash Hospital Noida
Dr.Anil Gurnani 9811017238 01/G-115
Dr. Kavita Khandelwal 9560600992 12/K-531
2 2010 Ms. J. Bindu Bala
Kamineni Hospital Vijayawada
Dr. Vinathi Paritala 9490343005 10/P-426
Dr. Kancharla Anil Kumar 9849507290 09/K-430
2 17th November, 2018 Miss Neeharika
Kerala Institute of Medical Sciences Trivandrum
Dr. Suresh Kumar 9846644468 01/K-161
Dr. Deepak V. 9895223210 08/V-129
2 2014 Dr. Suresh Kumar V.K.
KIMS Hospital Secunderabad
Dr Sambit Sahu 9989505763 08/S-624
Dr Ann Campos 9391009550 09/C-189
Dr V.P Krishna 9390999993 13/K-653
Dr. Sankuratri Srinivas 8897664446 15/S-1209
King George Medical University Lucknow
Dr. Avinash Agarwal 9838677999 07/A-235
Dr. Suhail Sarwar Siddiqui 9167584741 12/S-869
Dr. Syed Nabeel Muzaffar 9648084011 16/M-695
2 11th August 2018 Dr. Avinash Agarwal
Kokilaben Dhirubai Ambani Hospital Mumbai
Dr.Vatsal Kothari 9321515822 05/K-286
2 2015 Dr Rekha Barot
Kothari Medical Centre Kolkata
Dr Anil Malhotra 9830172399 05/M-265
2 2017 Dr Anil Malhotra
Kovai Medical Center & Hospital Coimbatore
Dr. N. Selvarajan 9842298198 97/N-23
Dr. T. Murali 9489607071 11/T-194
4 Dr. N. Selvarajan
Lakeshore Hospital Kochi
Dr. Mohan Mathew 9447076652 03/M-205
Dr. Nita George 9633726835 10/G-352
2 2006 Dr. Mohan Mathew
Lalitha Superspeciality Hospital Guntur
Dr.Batakrishna Sahu 9440414942 10/S-745
Dr Murali Baburao 9394100541 10/B-353
2 2011 Dr.B Sushma
Lilavati Hospital & Research Centre Mumbai
Dr. Conrad Rui Vas 9820125932 93/V-5
Dr Srinivasan Ramananthan 9967542424 07/R-234
Dr Kiran Popatrao Shekade 9730204852 09/S-671
6 Ms. Trupti Tuplondhe
LISIE Hospital Cochin
Dr. Sreevalsan T. V. 9447741715 09/S-649
Dr. Paramez A R 9526195777 10/A-291
2 11th August 2018 Dr Sreevalsan TV
M.S. Ramaiah Memorial Hospital Bangalore
Dr. Rathna Rao 9900166763 12/R-356
Dr. T S Deepak 07/S-577
Dr. Radha M. G. 9902306261 04/R-187
2 2012 Dr. Ramachandra Kamath U
Maharaja Agrasen Hospital,Punjabi Bagh New Delhi
Dr Kapil Dev Chhabra 9958677554 07/D-238
Dr Col.S.C.Sharma 9871568812 15/S-1276
Dr Kapil Dev Chhabra 9958677554 07/D-238
2 19th May 2018 Dr Kapil Dev Chhabra
Mahatma Gandhi Medical College & Hospital Jaipur
Dr. Ashish Jain 9649148728 11/J-271
Dr. Shuchita Vaya 9784422651 14/V-240
2 31st March 2019 Mr Aryan Mathur
Mahatma Gandhi Medical College & Research Institute Pondicherry
Dr Ravishankar 9442505567 15/T-282
Dr Sameera M Jahagirdar 9790018478 15/J-360
2 2015 Dr. Sameera Mahamud Jahagirdar
Malabar Institute of Medical Sciences Kozhikode
Dr. Sijith K. R. 9447687366 15/R-480
2 2012 Mrs. Jyothilakshmi P.K.
Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church Medical Mission Hospital Kolenchery
Dr. Abraham Ittyachen M 9447291662 02/I-13
Dr. Sara Vergis 9446596066 12/K-534
2 17th November 2018 Dr. Sara Vergis
Manipal Hospital Bangalore
Dr. Sunil Karanth 9538447164 04/S-411
Dr. Venkatesha Gupta K.V. 9538895391 09/G-343
Dr Ajith Kumar A.K 9900846121 01/K-162
6 Dr. Rashmi Sanjay
Max Smart Super Speciality Hospital New Delhi
Dr Arun Dewan 9810091290 95/D-32
Dr Prashant Saxena 9711198892 05/S-483
Dr Ritesh Aggarwal 9650923723 08/A-257
4 2016 Dr.Sahar Qureshi
Max Super Speciality Hospital Mohali
Dr Ajay Kumar Sinha 9815612694 11/S-813
Dr Deepak Bhasin 9779950888 07/B-278
Dr. Ashwani Nayyar 9872855589 08/N-131
Dr.Onkar Gupta 8427005698 12/G-426
2 2015 Sukhmanpreet Kaur
Max Super Speciality Hospital, Shalimar Bagh New Delhi
Dr Ajay Gupta 9891690204 07/G-278
2 Ms. Pratima Chhabra
Max Super Specialty Hospital Patparganj New Delhi
Dr. Y.P.Singh 8800531155 01/S-261
Dr Akhil Taneja 9560322993 12/T-207
Dr. Ashutosh Kumar Garg 9958657770 13/G-476
6 Dr. Y.P.Singh
Max Super Specialty Hospital Saket New Delhi
Dr. Omender Singh 9810734246 98/S-189
Dr. Raj Kumar 9999067889 05/S-477
Dr Deven Juneja 9818290380 07/J-193
Dr. Suneel Kumar Garg 9873817834 07/G-254
Dr Shweta Gupta 9999067977 15/G-582
4 Dr Siddharth Prasad
Max Superspeciality Hospital Dehradun
Dr Shantanu Belwal 9997642020 09/S-707
2 2016 Dr Shantanu Belwal
Max Superspeciality Hospital,Vaishali Ghaziabad
Dr Manish Gupta 9868081770 07/G-265
Dr. Meraj Ahmad 9971350636 11/M-455
2 Dr Manish Gupta
Maxcure Hospitals Hyderabad
Dr. Ganshyam M. Jagathkar 9949001344 08/J-209
2 2016 Dr. Y.S.K Prasad
Maxcure Mediciti Hospital Hyderabad
Dr Pakanati Pradeep Reddy 9000513337 08/R-266
2 2016 Dr. Y.S.K. Prasad
Medanta Abdur Razzaque Ansari Memorial Weaver's Hospital(A Unit of Global Health Pvt. Ltd.) Ranchi
Dr. Tapas Kumar Sahoo 7070993343 14/S-1180
Dr. Mohib Ahmed 9934362019 11/M-429
2 2017 Dr. Tapas Kumar Sahoo
Medanta, The Medicity Gurgaon
Dr. Deepak Govil 9818056688 00/G-90
Dr Sweta J Patel 9910061860 06/P-298
Dr Prashant Kumar 9899302959 06/K-305
Dr. Yatin Mehta 9971698149 02/M-184
Dr. Mohd. Tariq Ali 9871982816 01/A-79
Dr. Chitra Mehta 9910395037 03/M-198
Dr. Mozammil Shafi 9599557808 17/S-1453
Dr. Rahul Harne 9827851511 11/H-61
Dr. Ashish Kumar 9818741361 07/K-324
Dr. Vijayant Yadav 9810155722 13/Y-35
Dr. Saurabh Nanda 9818520703 12/N-169
8 Dr. Deepak Govil
Medica Superspeciality Hospital Kolkata
Dr. Ahsan Ahmed 9038838000 12/A-357
Dr. Tanmay Banerjee 9433427574 14/B-547
4 Dr Avijatri Datta
Medical Trust Hospital Kochi
Dr. Vinodan K. 9745011922 03/V-66
Dr. Jojo Kurien John 7736327518 07/J-187
Dr Joshy Jose 9495677174 09/J-227
2 Dr. P.V. Louis,
Meditrina Institute of Medical Sciences Nagpur
Dr. Ajay Bulle 9320126340 10/B-342
2 2017 Dr. Girish Deshpande
Metro Heart Institute with Multispeciality Faridabad
Dr Vijay Kumar Agrawal 9971138180 08/A-256
Dr. Abhishek Bansal 9953826228 09/B-328
2 2016 Dr Vijay Kumar Agrawal
Metro Hospital And Heart Institute Noida
Dr. Deepak Talwar 9899050000 02/T-80
2 2012 Dr. Rahul Kumar Sharma 
MGM New Bombay Hospital Navi Mumbai
Dr. Bharat G. Jagiasi 9766363200 08/J-215
Dr. Akshaykumar Chhallani 9224687893 05/C-143
Dr. Archana Suraj Thakur 9833801788 09/S-667
2 2016 Mrs Meenakshi Warikoo
MMI Narayana Multispeciality Hospital Raipur
Dr. Alok Kumar Swain 9977884737 16/S-1371
Dr. Arun Andappan 9584411011 16/A-507
2 2017 Ms. Arunita
N.M. Virani Wockhardt Hospital Rajkot
Dr Bhumi Mangal Dave 9426786338 09/D-274
2 2013 Ashvin Chaturvedi
Nanavati Superspeciality Hospital Mumbai
Dr. Minal P. Jariwala 9820033073 09/J-223
Dr. Abdul Samad Ansari 9820812062 05/A-199
4 2014 Dr.Neeta Joshi
Narayana Hrudayalaya Bangalore
Dr Muralidhar Kanchi 9980163108 97/K-40
Dr. Ratankumar Gupta 9845138504 04/G-184(b)
Dr. Shiva Prasad C. 9845017485 11/C-235
Dr Hemant.H.R. 9916141408 04/H-35
4 2013 Mr Mahadevan
Narayana Multispeciality Hospital Bangalore
Dr Jose Chacko 8884431608 05/C-135
2 2017 Dr Jose Chacko
Narayana Multispeciality Hospital Ahmedabad
Dr. Vivek Dave 9825172804 10/D-287
Dr. Anish Joshi 9898539059 06/J-184
2 2017 Dr Vivek A Dave
Narayana Multispeciality Hospital Jaipur
Dr. Vivek Bhargava 9414158921 09/B-321
Dr. Ajay Nair 9828677780 07/N-110
Dr. Shubhranshu 9829222626 07/S-0554
4 2014 Dr Vinay Kumar Gupta
Narayana Superspeciality Hospital Guwahati
Dr Apurba Kumar Borah 8811074399 09/B-322
2 2016 Salam Pabitri Devi
Nayati Health Care & Research Pvt. Ltd Mathura
Dr. Raj Kumar Mani 9811131719 99/M-98
Dr. Jyoti Goyal 9873005119 09/G-327
2 19th May 2018 Ms. Shweta Jaiswal
Niramaya Hospital Pune
Dr. Ajit Yadav 9822030711 94/Y-1
Dr Sunitha Binu Varghese 9822599156 05/V-101
4 2008 Mr. Vijay Raosaheb Nikalje
Noble Hospital Pune
Dr Milind Mane 9324007357 09/M-376
Dr Khan Zafer Amanulla 9881061050 09/K-420
2 2016 Dr.H.K Sale
North Eastern Indira Gandhi Regional Institute of Health & Medical Sciences Shillong
Dr. Prithwis Bhattacharyya 9436335209 06/B-259
2 2013 Dr. Prithwis Bhattacharya
NRI Academy of Sciences Guntur
Dr. Shaik Arif Pasha 9848251980 06/P-297
Dr. M. Lakshmi Prasannam 9885291520 13/M-556
4 2013 Gaddiparthi Nirmala Kumari
Orange City Hospital & Research Institute Nagpur
Dr. Rajesh Atal 9823032747 00/A-77
Dr. Nikhil Balankhe 9823032747 99/B-102
2 2012 Dr. Noorul Ameen
Orchid Medical Centre Ranchi
Dr. Rash Kujur 8084173676 09/K-388
Dr. Orson Sequeria 981665763 16/S-1398
2 2017 Shakeel A, Khan
P. D. Hinduja Hospital Mumbai
Dr. Farhad Kapadia 9821031643 93/K-3
Dr. Simran Singh 9820475636 98/S-149
Dr. Ashit Hegde 9821071313 93/H-3
Dr. Khusrav Bajan 9820500534 97/B-51
8 Dr. Ashit Hegde
Paras Hospital Gurgaon
Dr. Neha Arora 9600170964 14/A-410
Dr. Nitin Jain 9818155350 14/J-341
2 20th July 2019 Dr Nirdesh thakore
Peerless Hospitex Hospital & Research Centre Kolkata
Dr. Ajoy Krishna Sarkar 9830006644 02/S-286
2 2014 Dr. Ajoy Krishna Sarkar
Poona Hospital Pune
Dr. Ajit Tambolkar 9422010172 00/T-56
2 2010 Dr (Ms.) I. Ganguly
Prince Aly Khan Mumbai
Dr Azizullah Khan 9967193722 07/K-349
2 2007 Dr Yasmeen Shaikh
PRS Hospital Kerala Trivandrum
Dr. Vivek P. 9496206988 05/P-272
Dr. Naveen Jasmine 9037808559 10/J-255
2 2012 Dr. Vivek P.
PSG Hospitals Coimbatore
Dr. RMPL Ramanathan 9842297500 09/R-276
2 2011 Dr Vinod Kumar
Pt. BDS PGIMS Rohtak
Dr.Dhruva Chaudhry 9416051616 03/C-106
2 2009 Dr.Dhruva Chaudhry
Pushpagiri Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Centre Thiruvalla
Dr Mathew Pulicken 7736883088 08/P-337
Dr Jerry Thomas 9880964335 14/T-240
2 2016 Dr. Mathew Mazhavancheril
R.B Shah Mahavir Super Speciality Hospital, Nanpura Surat
Dr Rajesh Prajapati 9879409479 04/P-244
Dr. Hardik C Patel 9825500809 11/P-470
Dr. Alok A Shah 9624322255 11/S-835
4 2014 Mr.Kamal Thakar
Rabindranath Tagore International Institute of Cardiac Sciences Kolkata
Dr. Emmanuel Rupert 9831256910 06/R-229
Dr. Sauren Panja 9891279098 99/P-136
Dr. Animesh Gupta 9836156624 03/G-168
Dr. Sudakshina Mullick 9830243390 09/M-381
4 2015 Ms. Ilora Ghosh
Rajagiri Hospital Aluva
Dr. Rajesh V. 9745501976 07/V-117
Dr. Jaicob Varghese 9945700330 05/V-102
2 2015 Dr. Jaicob Varghese
Ramkrishna Care Hospital Raipur
Dr. Mahesh Kumar Sinha 9893098332 08/S-594
Dr. Prafulla Agnihotri 9685699030 96/A-41
Dr. Rakesh Kumar Agarwal 9394152810 14/A-409
Dr.Vishal Kumar 9582582833 11/V-169
2 2012 Dr. Mahesh Kumar Sinha
Regency Hospital Kanpur
Dr. Ashok Kumar Singh 9839096578 98/K-95
Dr. Surendra Kumar Bhatter 9839027460 95/B-38
Dr Rajnish Bajwa 9839037453 96/B-49
2 2011 Dr.Rajesh Agarwal
Royalcare Superspeciality Hospital Coimbatore
Dr. M. N. Sivakumar 9842249230 05/S-489
Dr. R. S. Senthilkumar 9486519228 07/S-563
2 11th August 2018 Dr. M. N. Sivakumar
Ruby General Hospital Kolkata
Dr. Tapas Ray 9433044300 14/R-430
Dr. Devi Prasad Samaddar 9234551849 95/S-77
2 31st March 2019 Shiveta Samadder
Ruby Hall Clinic Pune
Dr. Kapil Zirpe 9822844212 97/Z-3
Dr. Prachee Sathe 9960686867 93/S-28
Dr Sushma K. Gurav 9860034778 08/G-298
Dr. Tanima Baronia 9890144330 06/B-250
8 Dr.  D.  N.  Bhalerao
S.L.Raheja Mumbai
Dr Sanjith Saseedharan Saroja 9619931117 06/S-509
Dr. Roopa Karanam 8454064354 10/K-461
2 2011 Dr. Neha Tripathi
Sahyadri Speciality Hospitals Pune
Dr. Girish Date 9822022654 00/D-109
Dr.Ashwini Jahagirdar 9822335330 02/J-115
Dr Anuja Kedar Kulkarni 9860263072 09/K-387
Dr. Manish Prasad. K. Pathak 9890614909 07/P-305
4 2011 Ms.Anita Gune
Saifee Hospital Mumbai
Dr. C. K. Jani 9892800883 93/J-7
Dr. Ajay Kantharia 9820036165 93/K-7
Dr. Deepesh G. Aggarwal 9870003220 12/A-340
4 Dr. Shabina Shaikh
Sakra World Hospital Bangalore
Dr Anand Mamdapur 9845564480 03/M-208
Dr. Sachin Kumar 9999689416 18/K-1045
2 2015 Mrs.Kusuma H
Sanjeevan Hospital Pune
Dr. Subhal Dixit 9822050240 98/D-90
Dr. Amit Sambare 9850047397 07/S-545
Dr Bhushan Prabhakar Kinholkar 9960978476 11/K-494
2 2013 Nitin Gokhale
Santokba Durlabhji Hospital Jaipur
Dr. Vinod Kumar Parashar 9414042057 00/P-150
Dr Nikhil Ajmera 9414241822 12/A-347
Dr. Sanjay Kumar Sogani 9829331505 19/S-672
Dr Geetesh Mangal 9672403464 12/M-469
4 2001 Dr Nikhil Ajmera
Saraswati Medical Research Centre Kolhapur
Dr. Sayi Prasad 9371121625 07/P-314
2 2011 Dr Pratibha Bhupali
Satguru Pratap Singh Apollo Hospital Ludhiana
Dr. Anupam Srivastava 9872239300 09/S-661
Dr Gurpreet Singh 9915686220 11/S-780
Dr. Puneet Chopra 9888891543 13/C-284
4 Dr. G. L. Avasthi
Sevenhills Healthcare Pvt Ltd, Vishakapatnam Visakhapatnam
Dr Kuchela Babu 7799133666 04/V-79
Dr Mohana Rao 9347232731 09/R-281
Shifaa Hospital Bengaluru
Dr Altaf Ahmed 9845073292 16/A-510
Dr. Zahid Ahamed 9886220447 15/A-484
2 2016 Dr. Zahid Ahmed
Shree Girirai Multispecialty Hospital Rajkot
Dr Tushar Shamjibhai Patel 9879571317 10/P-402
Dr Mayank Rameshchandra Thakker 9909971118 09/T-152
2 2016 Dr.Mayank Thakker
Shree Medical Foundation - Prayag Hospital Pune
Dr. Shirish Prayag 9822012390 93/P-21
Dr. Kapil Borawake 9765634036 10/B-352
Dr. Sandhya Talekar 9923409961 93/T-6
2 1998 Ms. Nilima Vaidy
:020-25532490 / 25532812
Shree Narayana Hospital Raipur
Dr Varsha Zanwar 9584607316 05/D-199
2 2016 Atul Singhania
Shri Action Balaji Hospital New Delhi
Dr Rajesh Kumar Mussani 9910686960 14/M-591
Dr Rajat Gupta 9818984474 06/G-241
2 Dr Rajesh Kumar Mussani
Shri Balaji Super Speciality Hospital Raipur
Dr. Surya Parkash Sahu 9770114659 10/S-759
2 2013 Dr. Shubham Avasthi
Shri Ram Murti Smarak Institute of Medical Sciences Bareilly
Dr Lalit Singh 9415134949 06/S-525
2 2015 Dr Lalit Singh
Sir Gangaram Hospital New Delhi
Dr. Prakash Shastri 9810937295 05/S-442
Dr. Brijendra Rao 9811177755 99/R-98
Dr. Debashis Dhar 9811231261 02/D-140
Dr. Vinod Kumar Singh 9810301011 04/V-71
8 Dr Vinod Kumar Singh
Smt Kashibai Navale Medical College Pune
Dr. Khalid Ismail Khatib 9822091745 01/K-174
Dr Shreepad Mukundrao Bhat 9422364536 16/B-624
2 2016 Neelima Ligade
Soni Manipal Hospital Jaipur
Dr. Vaibhav Vaishnav 9982999727 11/V-181
2 Archana singh
Sri Ramchandra Medical College & Research Institute Chennai
Dr. Ram E. Rajagopalan 9841010859 94/R-10
Dr. Kavitha Chendhilkumar 9962156015 17/C-431
4 2004 Dr. Ram E. Rajagopalan
St. John's Medical College Bangalore
Dr. Sriram Sampath 9741384897 98/S-161
Dr Bhuvana Krishna 9945693221 07/K-325
Dr Amarja Ashok Havaldar 9036082112 11/H-71
6 Dr Bhuvana Krishna
St. Stephen Hospital New Delhi
Dr. Rijusree Sharma 9810474313 08/S-592
Dr. Madhurita Singh 9425610617 10/S-716
2 11th August 2018 Dr John Punnose
Star Hospital Hyderabad
Dr. Ippala Chandana Reddy 9866284070 11/R-322
2 Dr. Ippala Chandana Reddy
Sterling Hospital Vadodara
Dr. Ritesh J. Shah 9825095489 02/S-314
Dr. Revathi Ranjankrishna Aiyer 9898610366 05/A-198
4 2013 Dr. Sunil Kumar Bhat
Sterling Hospital Ahmedabad
Dr. Harjit Dumra 9825023160 03/D-164
Dr. Mukesh Patel 05/P-285
Dr Gopal Jitendra Raval 9879366026 07/R-250
4 2013 Dr. Akshaya Kiledar
Sundaram Medical Foundation Chennai
Dr M Prabhu 9841216007 99/P-145
Dr. Sasidhar Parri 9003210418 09/P-380
2 Dr. M Prabhu
Sunshine Hospital Secunderabad
Dr. Sachin Chidrawar 9989792636 14/C-323
2 Dr. Sachin Chidrawar
Suretech Hospital Nagpur
Dr Nirmal Jaiswal 9890955055 93/J-8
2 2016 Dr.Krupesh Ghate
SUT Hospital,Pattom Trivandrum
Dr Biju C Nair 9446529258 13/N-185
2 2017 Dr Biju C Nair
Synergy Plus Hospital Agra
Dr. Ranvir Singh Tyagi 9837047812 01/T-61
Dr. Rakesh Kumar Tyagi 9837270140 07/T-128
2 19th May 2018 Mr  Amit Sharma
Tata Main Hospital Jamshedpur
Dr Binita Panigrahi 7763807356 05/P-275
Dr Asif Ahmed 9431186820 05/A-190
2 Dr Homyar Keki Gardin
Tata Memorial Hospital Mumbai
Dr.Jigi Divatia 9869077435 93/D-2
Dr. Atul Kulkarni 9869077526 98/K-88
Dr. Vijaya Patil 9819883535 94/P-30
Dr.Sheila N.Myatra 9820156070 00/N-55
2 2005 Dr. Sheila N.Myatra
The Calcutta Medical Research Institute Kolkata
Dr. Arindam Kar 9830012939 09/K-415
Dr. Sujoy Mukherjee 9330960230 05/M-274
Dr. Anirban Chattopadhyay 9432164484 13/C-277
2 20th July 2019 Ms Arpita
The Gujarat Research & Medical Institute Ahmedabad
Dr. Mohammad Faruk 9825444786 03/M-207
Dr. Rajesh Chandra Mishra 9825013983 08/M-330
2 2010 Mr. Kamal Acharya
Tristar Hospital Surat
Dr Mohammed Iliyas Roshanmiyan Syed 9824115655 16/S-1384
Dr. Mukur Petrolwala 9925122232 04/M-226
2 2016 Dr. Tahura Mir
U.N.Mehta Institute of Cardiology and Research Centre Ahmedabad
Dr Rajesh Thosani 9925144839 98/T-39
Dr. Hitesh B. Patel 9909019925 10/P-407
2 Mr.Mukesh
Unique Hospital Surat
Dr Samir P Gami 9925276708 09/G-347
2 2016 Dr Samir P Gami
United CIIGMA Institute of Medical Sciences Pvt. Ltd. Aurangabad
Dr. Samidh Babulal Patel 9850051048 03/P-206
2 11th August 2018 Mr. Manoj Saidasrao Barsale
Vikram Hospital Bengaluru
Dr Vijay Kumar Annaiah Reddy 9538676939 "11/V-172
Dr.Shashidhar B G 9845698514 15/G-557
4 2016 Dr Vijay Kumar Annaiah Reddy
Virinchi Hospital Hyderabad
Dr. Srinivas Samavedam 9866343632 01/S-266
Dr. Amarnath reddy B. 9966403529 07/R-251
2 2017 Dr Narmada Aluru
Wockhardt Hospital Nagpur
Dr. Ajay Sakhare 9890073614 03/S-360
Dr. Amol Vasantrao Sagdeo 9923200621 09/S-645
Dr. Swapna Sandeep Khanzode 9096061501 11/K-500
2 2014 Dr Vikas Chaudhari
Wockhartdt Hospitals Ltd. Mumbai
Dr. Prakash Jiandani 9820292123 93/J-4
Dr. Kedar Toraskar 9819844451 98/T-36
2 2017 Dr.Shobhana Nair
Yashoda Hospital Secunderabad
Dr T Aditya 9963955625 08/A-249
Dr. Durgesh Jagadish Satalkar 9953460426 12/S-866
2 2011  Mr srinivas Bala
Yashoda Hospital, Malakpet Hyderabad
Dr. B. Saroj Kumar Prusty 9440721690 09/P-368
2 2014  Mr srinivas Bala
Yashoda Hospital,Somajiguda Hyderabad
Dr.S.Manimala Rao 9676519111 95/R-25
Dr Rahul Amte 9642938881 09/A-275
Dr. Dnyaneshwar Pandurang Mutkule 8096442571 10/M-400
4 2010  Mr srinivas Bala

Candidates need to apply directly to the recognized institute of their choice. Selection will be done by the ISCCM recognized teacher of the respective institute based on candidate’s eligibility which should be confirmed by the individual teachers & institutes.

The selection process may vary institute to institute, it is at the sole discretion of Teacher and institution. ISCCM is not involved in selection process directly or indirectly.

Candidates will be paid a salary/stipend as per the rules of the institute where they are appointed.

After selection trainee must register himself/herself with ISCCM by filling online trainee registration Form with fee of 14,160/- which includes the registration & examination fee for the first attempt.

No hospital, institute or individual may levy any direct or indirect fee to an individual trainee in any relation to the course. The only fee is that which is to be given directly to the society at the time of registration or repeat examination

Once selected, it is mandatory for the trainee to become ISCCM Life member.

Initial Registration Fee of Rs.14,160/- (Fourteen Thousand One Sixty only) covers the fees for the first attempt only

  • Trainee who pass theory but fail the practical exam may make ONE more attempt at Practical exam within two years of completion of the theory exam.
  • All trainee who repeat the exam would have to pay the additional fee of Rs. 7,080/- (Seven Thousand Eighty only) per attempt.
  • To publish scientific papers, journals, monographs and text books aimed at upgrading knowledge and skill.
  • All trainee who are registered for the period leading to the exams have to fill Exam form before the prescribed deadline.
  • All other trainee who have completed course requirements earlier and plan to appear or re-appear for the exam MUST notify ISCCM prior to the prescribed deadline.

January Batch: Start Date Jan 1st.
Last Date for Registration: Feb 28
July Batch: Start Date July 1st
Last Date for Registration: August 31.

Syllabus/ Competencies

  • The candidate must have gained experience in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with serious medical and surgical disease including coronary artery disease and neurosurgical disease.

  • During the training the candidate must gain knowledge in two aspects - The knowledge about pathophysiology, diagnosis and treatment of a series of disease processes and skills of specific procedures and interventions that the candidate must be able to perform.

Theoretical Knowledge

  • The candidate must understand the pathophysiology, construct a differential diagnosis and apply the appropriate prophylactic and therapeutic interventions in the following disorders. This list is not comprehensive.


  • Management of airways (including respiratory arrest, upper airways obstruction, smoke or burns airways damage), pulmonary edema, adult respiratory distress syndrome and hypercapnic respiratory failure, severe asthma, chest trauma, respiratory muscle disorders, thoracic surgery.


  • Haemodynamic instability and shock, cardiac arrest acute myocardial infarction and unstable angina severe heart failure, common arrhythmias and conduction disturbance, specific cardiac disorders (cardiomyopathies, valvular heart disease, atrial or ventricular septal defects, myocarditis), cardiac tamponade, pulmonary embolism, aortic dissection, hypertensive crisis, peripheral vascular diseases. Cardiovascular surgery. Cardio pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) Training in Basic Life Support (BLS), and Advance Life Support (ALS)


  • Coma, head trauma, intracranial hypertension, cerebrovascular accidents, cerebral vasospasm, meningo-encephalitis, acute neuromuscular disease (including myasthenia & Guillain Barre syndrome), post anoxic brain damage, acute confusional states, spinal cord injury, neurosurgery, brain death.


  • Oliguria. Acute renal failure, renal replacement therapy

Metabolic & Nutritional

  • Fluid electrolyte and acid-base disorders, endocrine disorders (including diabetes), nutritional requirements, monitoring of nutrition.


  • Disseminated intravascular coagulation and other coagulation disorders, haemolytic syndromes, acute and anaemia, blood component therapy, immune disorders.


  • Severe infection due to aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, viruses, fungal and parasites, nosocomial infection, infection in the immunocopromised, tropical disease, antimicrobial therapy, immunotherapy.


  • Inflammatory bowel diseases, pancreatitis, acute and chronic liver failure, prevention and treatment of acute G.I. Bleeding (including variceal bleeding) peritonitis, mesenteric infarction, perforated viscus, bowel obstruction, abdominal trauma, abdominal surgery.


  • Toxemia (including in HELLP syndrome), amniotic fluid embolism, eclampsia, and haemorrhage.

Environmental Hazards

  • Burns, hypo-and hyperthermia, near-drowning electrocution, radiations, chemical injuries, animal bites.

Toxicology, poisoning

  • Acute intoxications, drug overdose, serious adverse reactions, anaphylaxis.


  • Pharmacology, pharmacokinetics and drug interactions. Analgesia, sedation and muscle relaxants, inflammation and anti-inflammatory agents, multiple trauma, transport of the critically ill, multisystems disorders (including Multi-Organ Dysfunction syndrome MODS and the Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome SIRS) Management of the organ donor.

Interventions and procedures


  • Pharmacology, pharmacokinetics and drug interactions. Analgesia, sedation and muscle relaxants, inflammation and anti-inflammatory agents, multiple trauma, transport of the critically ill, multisystems disorders (including Multi-Organ Dysfunction syndrome MODS and the Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome SIRS) Management of the organ donor.


  • Maintenance of open airway, endotracheal intubation (oral and nasal) and emergency cricothyrotomy, suctioning of the airway, setting and turning of the respirator with different modes of ventilation, titration of oxygen therapy, use of ambubag, techniques of weaning from mechanical ventilation, placement of a intercostal tube, implementation of respiratory pharmacological support, fiberoptic bronchoscopy, interpretation of arterial and mixed venous blood gases, assessment of gas exchange and respiratory mechanics.


  • Placement of a central venous catheter (by different routes), pulmonary artery (Swan Ganz) catheter, arterial catheter (by different routes) measurement and interpretation of the hemodynamic variables (including the derived variables), implementation of cardiovascular support antiarrhythmic therapy and thrombolysis.


  • Basic interpretation of brain CT/MRI scan, intracranial pressure monitoring.


  • Metabolic and Nutritional Implementation of intravenous fluid therapy, enteral and parental nutrition.


  • Correction of haemostatic and coagulation disorders, interpretation of a coagulation profile, implementation of thrombolysis.


  • bladder catheterization, renal replacement techniques.


  • Placement of gastric tube, an esophageal and gastric tamponade balloon

  • General Measurement of severity of illness and outcome assessment. Exposure to clinical research, ethical and legal aspects of critical care.

  • Participation in regional and national CME's seminars, and conference in critical care and affiliation with such critical care organizations is desirable.

List of Successful Candidates in IDCCM Exam September 2017
Sr No. Name Institute Teacher
1 Dr. Abhishek Biswas Fortis Hospital,Mohali Dr. Adarsh Chandra Swami
2 Dr. Abhishek Samprathi Christian Medical College, Vellore Dr. Kishore Pichamuthu
3 Dr. Abhishek Tiwari B. L. Kapur Superspeciality Hospital Dr. Puneet Khanna
4 Dr. Abin Varghese Thomas Kerala Institute of Medical Sciences Dr. Suresh Kumar V.
5 Dr. Alok N. St. John's Medical College , Bangalore Dr. Sriram Sampath
6 Dr. Amit Kumar Artemis Health Institute,Gurgaon Dr. Sunjay Pathak
7 Dr. Anand Srivastava Bombay Hospital, Mumbai Dr. Pravin Amin
8 Dr. Anirban Bhattacharjee North Eastern Indira Gandhi Regional Institute of Health and Medical Sciences,Shillong Dr. Prithwis Bhattacharyya
9 Dr. Anitha Varghese St. John's Medical College Dr. Sriram Sampath
10 Dr. Anju Merry Devasia Medical Trust Hospital,Kochi Dr. Vinodan K.
11 Dr. Anupama Gill Sharma Max Super Specialty Hospital Saket,Delhi Dr. Prashant Saxena
12 Dr. Arshdeep Singh Fortis Hospital, Vasant Kunj Dr. Gauri Shankar Sharma
13 Dr. Ashutosh Meena Sir Gangaram Hospital,Delhi Dr. Sumit Ray
14 Dr. Ayan Banerjee Apollo Gleneagles Hospital, Kolkata Dr. Lawni Goswami
15 Dr. Ban Vinod Sambhaji Medical Trust Hospital, Cochin Dr. Jojo Kurien John
16 Dr. Bhattad Prashant Harish Shree Medical Foundation - Prayag Hospital , Pune Dr. Shirish Prayag
17 Dr. Bhaveshkumar Harshadlal Prajapati HCG Multispeciality Hospital, Ahmedabad Dr. Bhavik Shah
18 Dr. Bhavsar Mrugank Mayankumar Apollo First Med Hospital, Chennai Dr.Ashwin Mani
19 Dr. Bhavya Gatte NRI Academy of Sciences Dr. Shaik Arif Pasha
20 Dr. C. Santhosh Apollo Main Hospital, Chennai Dr.Ramesh Venkataraman
21 Dr. Chavda Ashish Bhogilal Sterling Hospital, Vadodara Dr. Ritesh J. Shah
22 Dr. Chetan Prakash Santokba Durlabhji Hospital Dr. G .R. Singhvi
23 Dr. D. Sai Rama Devi Manipal Hospital,Bangalore Dr. Rajesh Mohan Shetty
24 Dr. Dalwadi Divyang Babubhai Sterling Hospital,Ahmedabad Dr. Harjit Dumra
25 Dr. Dayananda MruthyunJayappa Christian Medical College, Vellore Dr. Shalini Nair
26 Dr. Deepak Sikarwar Santokba Durlabhji Hospital , Jaipur Dr. Vinod Parashar
27 Dr. Deepali Gupta Max Superspeciality Hospital,Mohali Dr. Ajay Sinha
28 Dr. Dharmendra H Vala Sterling Hospital Vadodara Dr.Ritesh J Shah
29 Dr. Divya S. Mansur Fortis Hospital,Bangalore Dr. Garud Suresh Chandan
30 Dr. Gaurav Ramesh Phale Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital,Pune Dr. Urvi Shukla
31 Dr. George Prashanth Kurian Christian Medical College, Vellore Dr.K.Subramani
32 Dr. Harini S Columbia Asia Rererral Hospital Dr.Pradeep Rangappa
33 Dr. Harshad Chandrakant Dongare Smt Kashibai Navale Medical College,Pune Dr. Khalid Ismail Khatib
34 Dr. J Vinoth Kumar PSG Hospital Dr. RMPL Ramanathan
35 Dr. Jaikumar Darshan Mulchandani Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital, Pune Dr. Sameer Jog
36 Dr. Janipalli Venkata Praveen Apollo Speciality Hospitals Dr. V.Dedeepiya Devapradad
37 Dr. K. Anand Babu Apollo Main Hospital, Chennai Dr.Babu Abraham
38 Dr. K. Kishore Kumar Yashoda Hospital, Malakpet Hyderabad Dr. Pramodini B. Dandekar
39 Dr. Kangchai Chaudhuri Fortis Hospital, Mohali Dr. Adarsh chandra Swami
40 Dr. Kavita S. Lilavati Hospital & Research Centre Dr. Abdul Samad Ansari
41 Dr. Madhu K. R. B.G.S. Global Hospital Hemanth H.R.
42 Dr. Mahati Priyadarsini Care Hospital, Hyderabad Dr. Venkat Raman Kola
43 Dr. Maninderjit Kaur Max Superspeciality Hospital,Mohali Dr. Amit Kumar Mandal
44 Dr. Manish Goyal Fortis FLT. LT. Rajan Dhall Hospital Dr. Pinak A. Shrikhande
45 Dr. Manish Jha Sir Gangaram Hospital, New Delhi Dr.Sumit Ray
46 Dr. Meera Haridas Medical Trust Hospital,Kochi Dr. Jojo Kurian John
47 Dr. Modi Hardik Piyushchandra Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital,Pune Dr. Sameer Jog
48 Dr. Mohd. Haneef Mohiuddin Care Hospital,Hyderabad Dr. Venkat Raman Kola
49 Dr. Mohsin Hayat Hanafi Santokba Durlabhji Hospital Dr. G .R. Singhvi
50 Dr. Mukadder Ahmed Shri Balaji Super Speciality Hospital , Raipur Dr. S.P. Sahu
51 Dr. Nandini T. Kovai Medical Center and Hospital Dr M.N Sivakumar
52 Dr. Narendra Govindappa Fiske Ruby Hall Clinic,Pune Dr. Shilpa S. Kulkarni
53 Dr. Nirav Dineshbhai Gondaliya P. D. Hinduja Hospital,Mumbai Dr.Simran Singh
54 Dr. Nirmal B Taparia Ashwini Sahakari Rugnalaya & Research Centre Dr Siddheshwar Rudrakshi
55 Dr. Nitin Saluja Sir Gangaram Hospital,Delhi Dr. B.K. Rao
56 Dr. Nupur B. Patel Christian Medical College, Vellore Dr. Shalini Nair
57 Dr. Padmavathy R. Apollo Main Hospital, Chennai Dr.Ramesh Venkataraman
58 Dr. Paras Manilal Patel Sterling Hospital,Ahmedabad Dr. Gopal Raval
59 Dr. Parveen Kaur Fortis Hospital Shalimar Bag, New Delhi Dr. Harjit Singh Mahay
60 Dr. Pratibha Vasudev Fortis Hospital, Mohali Dr. Amit Kumar Mandal
61 Dr. Priyankadevi D Gohil Gokul Superspeciality Hospital, Rajkot Dr. digvijay Singh Jadeja
62 Dr. Rahul Rajendra Hiwanj Escorts Heart Institute,New Delhi Dr. Amit Varma
63 Dr. Rahul Ravindra Dahivelkar Jehangir Hospital,Pune Dr. Kayanoosh Kadapatti
64 Dr. Rajasekar A Christian Medical College, Vellore Dr Kishore Pichamuthu
65 Dr. Rajit Jhingan Max Super Speciality Hospital, Mohali Dr Deepak Bhasin
66 Dr. Rakesh Kumar Medanta The Medicity, Gurgaon Dr. Sachin Gupta
67 Dr. Renju Kuriakose PRS Hospital, Trivandrum Dr. Vivek P.
68 Dr. Rinoy Chandran Baby Memorial Hospital Ltd, Calicut Dr. Praveen Kumar
69 Dr. Rohan K. Aurangabadwalla Fortis Hospital,Mulund Mumbai Dr. Rahul Pandit
70 Dr. S Saurabh Biswal Care Hospital,Hyderabad Dr Bhavani Prasad Gudavalli
71 Dr. Sadaf Sharif Jaslok Hospital, Mumbai Dr. Jamshed Sunavala
72 Dr. Sagar Varshney Sir Gangaram Hospital,New Delhi Dr. B.K. Rao