ICU Survey

We are in the process of updating the existing guidelines for Planning and designing ICU s in India. A small survey is being conducted to take inputs from all ISCCM members. Your inputs will go a long way in arriving at prudent guidelines making. The survey is very simple and will take less than 5 minutes. Against each question you just have to tick mark, you think is the right answer according to you. Your feedback and cooperation will be highly appreciated.

1. How many ICU beds a hospital should have in terms of % of total bed strength?

2. Where should ICU be located in Hospital?

3. It should be close to?

4. In case Hospital has multiple specialty ICUs

5. Maximum no of Beds in one ICU room (Hall)

6. Minimum beds in any ICU should be

7. ICU should be a

8. ICU bed panel should be head end Panel

9. ICU Panel should have

10. ICU Panel should have

11. ICU Panel should have 15 amperes plug points

12. ICU Panel should have 5 ampere Plug points

13. Besides Panel 15 ampere Plug points

14. HD port is needed in

15. ICU Electric Power supply should be backed by UPS

16. What is recommended area per bed for ICU?

17. Every ICU should have Negative Pressure Bed?

18. Every ICU should have a Positive Pressure Room?

19. Shoes should be allowed in ICU?

20. The Counseling Room in ICU should have Video recording?