Customized, Health in Intensive care, Trainable Research & Analysis Tool

The Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine (ISCCM) proudly announces the development of an interactive cloud-based app .CHITRA", short for Customized, Health in Intensive e, Trainable 12212, Research & Analysis tool. The primary objective of this application is to collect, analyze and report data related to selected quality indicators for Indian Intensive Care Units (ICUs). Development of national database and meaningful utilization of this data is the final objective. The app will be designed as a research tool that will work towards improving the quality of care provided by ICUs across the country. The app will form the framework for a national ICU research-data repository. The app's main intent is to collect patient level data from Indian ICUs. This data will be processed and ssss, reports will be presented in the form of interactive visualizations. These visuals will display the current status of metrics and performance indicators of your ICU. 2,5 The app allows data entry at the bedside by any Android device or PC/ laptop which can access the internet. In situations where network access is not present 24/7, the app will have a feature to store the collected data. As an when networks become available, the tablet device can be synchronized with the central server to transfer the data.

ISCCM as a specialty society has the following advantages over other Indian societies with respect to research in Indian settings:
  • ICU care is reasonably standardized in major Indian centres.
  • The technological gap between Indian ICU's and developed nation ICU's is not as large as the gap that exists with respect to other specialties.
  • Documentation of processes and outcomes already exists in non-standardized formats.
  • The number of ICU's registered with an interest in research is large Large observational trials can capitalize on the pooled experience of the large number of institutions registered with ISCCM. The experience gained from such large scale interactions between the registered institutes would prove very useful for future projects.
Time Frame Project Aims
Q4 2015 Launch CHITRA launch the application and intiate data collection
Q1 2016 Development of Indian Scoring System CHITRA Model India prediction tool: Develope an Indian scoring system which reflects our diseases and issues and validation accross types of ICU's
2006 Conference CHITRA score released Release the CHITRA score that will be customized for Indian populations
Quality, Tropical fevers, ARDs, nosocomial, toxin surveu's started Large cloud-based observational studies of ISCCM
2017 Conference Reports of various projects based on CHITRA app will be shared Benchmark ICU performance indicators
2018 Onwards Yearly reports on CHITRA score, infection, ARDs, safety Use data meaningfully

You have the choice of entering data either through:

  • A tablet-based Android app or
  • A laptop/ desktop PC or
  • Both tablet device and laptop/ PC

There are menu driven options, which will help you navigate through the application's interface. This data will be synchronized with a central database where the data processing occurs.

The data that you enter is being collected as the raw materials necessary to generate reports of ICU quality indicators. The idea behind the quality indicators is to be able to benchmark ICU performance with an attempt to inculcate a culture of best practices and continuous quality improvement. If you choose to be part of this research initiative, you will receive on-demand analyses on your facility's quality data. In the long run, you can also position your facility against standardized national benchmarks.

Quality Indicators We are initially planning to use the quality indicators released by ISCCM in 0009. Process and Outcomes-based quality indicators will be part of the scope of this application.

  • There is a need to collect data on a large scale
  • Data can be used to develop national benchmarks of ICU quality indicators that are specific to India
  • Predictive modeling systems specific to the Indian context can be generated in the long run
  • No need to quote western data
  • Cloud-based application will help collect and analyze data
  • Interactive visual tools will be available at your disposal to check quality/ performance of your ICU
  • Data can facilitate rese,arch and provide training to future intensivists
  • Is there a cost to use this application and database?

    you are a teaching entity or an early adopter of the application, there are no fees payable. You are free to use the data that you generate for research purposes or for quality improvement. In case you need to access anonymized data from the common pool, you will have to contact ISCCM's scientific committee who will

  • When is this application being launched?

    We are expecting to launch the application by the end of 2015.

  • What ldnd of devices do I need to input data?

    You can input data either using an Android-based tablet device or from a laptop or a desktop computer. Specifications of the operating system, screen size and other requirements will be made available shortly.

  • How extensive is the data capture?

    You can choose to enter either only basic data or more complex data. Both formats will be available on the app. However, the quality of visualizations on the dashboard will be entirely dependent on the amount of data entered by you.

  • What will the forms look like?

    The forms are being designed to facilitate easy data entry through tablet as well as PC-based devices. The navigation will be intuitive to give the end-users maximum benefit from minimal efforts.

  • Will I be required to share my data?

    Yes, you will be required to share your data. The data entered by you absolutely belongs to you and will be available on demand via the web app. Data will be completely anonymized in order to protect privacy. However, since the intent of this research initiative is to create standards that are specific to the Indian context, you are expected to contribute data to a common pool that will be stored on a secure central server. This data will be used for research and quality control only.

  • Will there be training provided to use the application?

    We are hoping to conduct online webinars and in-person sessions in the first few months of the release. If you register as a participating site, we will send Outs schedule for the demonstrations. Other than this, on-demand help menus will be accessible on the application.

  • Will I need 24/, intemet access in order to use the application?

    Although it is preferred that interosl access be available at all times, the application is being designed such that data can be stored locally on the device. Once there is network connectivity available, the data can be transferred to the central database.

  • How is data privacy ensured?

    Only anonymized and de-identified data will be collected on the applica-tion. Examination of the data extracts will not reveal any of the possible patient or institution. identifiers.

  • Is my data secure?

    The central data repository will be hosted in a Tier III data center. This will ensure maximum availability, minimum down-time and maximum protection to your data.

  • How can I join this initiative?

    This sounds interesting to you, please scan the QR code at the bottom right of this page and fill in the simple form. In case you cannot scan the QR code, please visit the site You will be notified when the app is ready.