Application for Accreditation of Hospital / Institute:

  • Application for hospital recognition & teacher recognition are to be filled online and the required fee has to be paid online, through the ISCCM website
  • The institute and teachers applications will be scrutinised by the college office and the Accreditation Secretary.
  • If found eligible, Accreditation secretary will appoint 2 inspectors who will make an on-site inspection visit of the institute.
  • The travel & stay of the inspectors shall be looked after by the Institute desirous of recognition.
  • The inspection report will be tabled at the next College Board meeting and the decision of College Board will be ratified by EC.
  • Once recognition is granted, institutes may start taking candidates from the same academic year if the process is completed before the last date of registration to the courses, or the next academic session if the process is completed later.
  • In case institutes do not meet the criteria, they will have to reapply after fulfilling all criteria, which will be followed by a re-inspection.
  • All appeals regarding the inspection report or recognition will be put up at the College Board, and ISCCM executive committee.
  • The decision of the ISCCM executive committee will be final and binding in all respects.

Responsibility of Accreditation Secretary :

  • Accreditation Secretary will be over all responsible for the process of accreditation including reaccreditation. It will be his/her duty to present the report to EC for final decision.

How to apply :

  • The institution will apply on a preformed Performa available on ISCCM web site to the ISCCM secretariat.
  • Each application has to be accompanied with inspection fees decided from time to time by EC of the society/College.

Duration of completion of Process of accreditation :

  • The whole process preferably should be completed within a quarter (3 months) from the date of receipt of the application.

Eligibility Criteria for accreditation for IDCCM Institutions:

  • Institutions interested in starting IDCCM can apply only if the Critical care unit have been functioning for at least 2 years.
  • Institute should be a 100 bed hospital and at least 12 ICU beds with six mechanical ventilators as basic criteria.
  • Institutions should have two full time faculty, who are eligible, to be considered as teachers, as per ISCCM Teachership guidelines.
  • These Two teacher candidates have to apply along with the institute for recognition as IDCCM teacher .
  • The institute applying for the accreditation must give an undertaking in addition to having two eligible teachers that:
    • In case a teacher leaves the institute they will continue to provide training to the trainee
    • All facilities in the institute will be provided to the trainee during his period of training in the institute.
  • Institutions should apply for accreditation along with teacher’s accreditation. Both Teachers & Institute Form will be scrutinized simultaneously for accreditation purpose.
  • Institutions that do not enrol candidates for three consecutive years will automatically lose accreditation and will need to apply for re-inspection afresh, through the formal process.
Institute Accreditation Fees
Fresh Institute Accreditation Fees Rs. 29,500/- (Including GST) Rs. 10,000/- Scrutiny Fees
Rs. 15,000/- Refundable Fees
if the institute does not fulfill the Accreditation Criteria on screening
Re- Inspection Fees of Institute Rs. 17,700/- (Including GST)
Reaccreditation Fees No Fees


  • Timeline for correction of deficiencies by the institution applying for Accreditation: Institutions will be given 3 months period to correct the correctable deficiencies. An inspection will be scheduled after that.
  • Refund of Accreditation Fees: A processing fee of Rs 10,000 will be deducted and the Inspection fee of Rs. 15,000 will be refunded within 3 months period from the date of application if the institution does not fulfil the criteria on scrutiny. Once inspection is in process, no fee will be refunded.

Eligibility Criteria for Teachers accreditation :

  • In order to be able to impart a high quality of training to candidates the teacher must fulfil the following minimum requirements:
    • Teacher application will be considered along with the Institution’s application. Teacher accreditation in isolation independent of Institute accreditation is not allowed (except for additional teacher from an already accredited institute)
    • Teacher should be working full time in the institute to be considered as a teacher for the ISCCM course.
    • Teachers must devote at least 50% of their professional time in Critical Care Medicine
    • Teacher should be a Life Member of ISCCM.
    • Teacher should be a post graduate degree with MCI recognised qualification- MD, MS, with at least 8 years of experience in critical care medicine post MD/MS qualification, in a recognized major hospital.
    • Teachers with a MCI recognised Post Graduate Diploma-DA (Diploma in Anaesthesia) or DTCD (Diploma in TB and Chest Diseases), with at least 10 years of experience in critical care medicine after MCI recognised Post Graduate Diploma, in a recognized major hospital.
    • The teacher should have formal qualification in Intensive Care which can be any one or more of them: IDCCM, IFCCM, FNB - Critical Care, DM - Critical Care, DM- Pulmonary & Critical Care, FICCM (Fellow of Indian College of Critical Care Medicine) with 15 years of experience in critical care medicine post MD/MS qualification or equivalent qualification from Australia (FCICM), USA (AB Critical Care), U.K or Canada . These qualifications obtained anytime within 8yrs post MD will fulfil the criteria to be a teacher from 2017 onwards.
    • To be an IFCCM teacher it is expected for the Teacher to have at least two original articles publications in peer reviewed journal.
    • After a teacher has left an institute he cannot take a new student in another institute for one year from the time of leaving the previous institute.

Eligibility Criteria for IDCCM seat increases:

  • At least two IDCCM candidates must have passed from an Institute in last two years to apply for increase in seats.
  • For every one seat increase, the institution should have 6 more ICU beds in addition to the existing 12 beds with two additional ventilators.
  • Teacher to candidate ratio of 1:2 for IDCCM and 1:1 for IFCCM to be maintained when any seat increase is contemplated.

Eligibility Criteria for accreditation for IFCCM Institutions

  • Institutions can apply and will be considered for starting of IFCCM course only after 2 years of starting of IDCCM
  • At least two IDCCM candidates must have passed from an Institute in last two years to be eligible to apply for IFCCM accreditation.
  • IFCCM teacher must have at least two original article publications in a peer reviewed journal to be eligible.
  • One IFCCM candidate will be allowed for one IFCCM teacher

Eligibility Criteria for Reaccreditation:

  • Institutes need to get re-accredited every three years by submitting a formal application
  • There should be at least one IDCCM candidates pass out in last three years for Institute to be re-accredited.
  • It is expected there is at least one IDCCM candidate recruited in last three years for an Institute to be re-accredited.
  • If there is any serious concern expressed on any Institute by any of their trainees in three years, re-inspection may be done by the College for re-accreditation.
  • If an Institute fails to apply for re-accreditation in stipulated time frame, recognition of the Institute for IDCCM/IFCCM training subsequently shall stand cancelled. Institute will have to submit a fresh application for accreditation.
  • From 2020 an institute will be reaccredited only if they have two eligible teachers. If any teacher leaves the institute, one year period will be given to the institution to appoint a new teacher from the time the previous teacher has left the institute.

Criteria for appointment of Inspectors:

  • Two Inspectors will be assigned for inspection of a new Institute. One of the two will be a senior who has undertaken at least two inspections before. Senior Inspector should be an IDCCM / IFCCM examiner. Both Inspectors should mandatorily be an IDCCM teacher/Examiner for FNB or DM Critical Care for at least two years.
  • Maximum of two inspections in a year to be assigned to an Inspector.
  • Inspectors should not be from the same city/town. In case this is not possible only one inspector may be from the same city/town
  • For re-inspection of an Institute which has failed to get accreditation during the first inspection, Institute should re-apply with the prescribed fees. Details of corrective measures have to be enclosed along with the application.
  • One of the Inspectors assigned earlier to the same Institute, will be assigned to confirm rectifications and send a report.