ISCCM Day 2018 Poster/Slogan competition

Dear ISCCM members,

Greetings from ISCCM office!

We have been celebrating ISCCM Day every year with a theme. The theme of ISCCM Day for this year is "Clean hands – safe hands, practice hand hygiene".

Poster/Slogan is a good method for making doctors and lay people aware of aforesaid theme. Taking the opportunity of the ISCCM day celebration, we are announcing a Poster/Slogan competition on "Clean hands – safe hands, practice hand hygiene".

Top posters/slogan will receive a citation from society and prize as follows:-

First prize – Rs 10,000

Second prize – Rs 7,500

Third prize – Rs 2,500 each to 6 posters/slogans

Instructions for submission of Poster on "Clean hands – safe hands, practice hand hygiene"

  1. Ensure that poster is catered to Indian setup
  2. It should be original and not copied from somewhere else
  3. Should be in poster format
  4. Words allowed-up to 100 maximum
  5. Should be in English

Last day for submission is 23rd September 2018 and it should be emailed to Dr Rajesh Chandra Mishra, General Secretary- Elect and Chairman, ISCCM Day Committee, ISCCM at

We welcome any other suggestions from our members.

With warm regards

Dr Yatin Mehta 
President- ISCCM

Dr Subhal Dixit

President - Elect – ISCCM

Dr Pradip Kumar Bhattacharya

General Secretary - ISCCM

Dr Rajesh Chandra Mishra
General Secretary- Elect and Chairman, ISCCM Day Committee, ISCCM  

Dr Yash Javeri

Co- Chairman, ISCCM Day Committee, ISCCM  

Members – ISCCM Day Committee

Dr Anand Dongre

Dr D K Singh

Dr Ranvir Singh Tyagi

Dr Susruta Bandyopadhyay

Dr Raghunath Aladakatti

Dr Anil Sachdev

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