Structured Training and Education Programme of ICCCM


We are pleased to introduce STEP ICCCM which is a Structured Training and Education Programme of ICCCM exclusively for our students (IFCCM, IDCCM and CTCCM).

Critical Care Medicine is a specialty encompassing the diagnosis and treatment of a wide variety of clinical problems which are fast evolving. There is a wide variation in the nature of teaching and training of our students, doing various Critical Care courses of the college (IFCCM, IDCCM and CTCCM). The COVID pandemic has made it even more challenging for most institutes to conduct regular teaching. There has been a long felt need to have high quality, structured teaching and training for our students. This course has been formulated in keeping with the aims of our college to carry out high quality educational activities. The objective is not only to prepare our students for the examinations, but to make them high quality intensivists both in knowledge and practice.

STEP ICCCM will be an ongoing interactive online teaching course. Each session will be conducted by expert faculty who are fellows of the college along with a moderator. There will be no didactic lectures, it will be interactive class room teaching. We will have a combination of system wise case-based discussions, clinical problem solving, journal clubs, interpretation of tests and imaging like ABG, ECG, Xrays etc.

"Please download the Zoom App on your Mobile phones ,Desktop Laptops,Tabs for viewing the live Step lectures"

Start date: from 02nd February 2020 .

Days: Wednesdays and Saturdays

Time: 7 pm to 8 pm