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Detailed scheme for the ISCCM Grant for in-training Research

Proposal: Grant for in-training research by trainees in critical care

Purpose of the grant: To be able to provide trainees in Critical Care the opportunity to do quality research during their training program in critical care

Number of scholarships per year:4 per year (maximum)

Quantum of support: Rs 2.5 lac for each recipient


  • Trainee in critical care (IFCCM, DNB or DM registered candidate)
  • Student should be a member of ISCCM
  • Supervisor should be a teacher of the ISCCM

Selection process:Will be similar to ISCCM supported funding for studies for its members. All applications will be scrutinized by the research committee (RC). Based on the scientific robustness and methodology, projects will be approved by the RC for the grant. If there are more applications that are suitable for funding than the amount of fund available, the list will be prioritized and submitted to the EC for approval of additional grant. If there are any close relatives of RC members who are applying for this scholarship, or faculty of students who are part of the RC, then these RC members should abstain from the selection process or voting.

Time for application:

  • 2 Scholarships, twice a year
  • Applications open March 1st and September 1st
  • Close of applications July 31st and October 30th

Schedule of payment: The grant would be disbursed in instalments as follows:-

After approvals and signing of the MoU                            50% of the approved amount

Interim report (at least 50% recruitment completed)         Further 25%

On completion of the study and final report                       Remaining 25%

Commitment from the studentsTo publish the work in the Indian Journal of Critical Care Medicine within 18 months of completion of the course

Disbursal of Scholarship grant: Once the scholarship is sanctioned a tripartite MOU will be signed between the ISCCM, Candidate and Guide/Teacher.