Dr. Kapil Zirpe
President, ISCCM

My Dear Friends,
Dear ISCCM members,

Greetings from Pune. I would like to take this opportunity to share with you about various projects undertaken by us during the past few months. ISCCM has decided to adopt concept of “GO GREEN”. We were spending lots of funds on hard copies of our journal and Newsletter. With this concept of GO GREEN, we have provided the choice of “OPT OUT” from receiving the hard copies for all life members. We will send hard copies of journal only to those members who desire to get hard copy. We are sending quarterly mails, also option is kept on website to choose your choice.

I sincerely request all of you to accept our request to save papers. I take this opportunity to congratulate Dr Rahul Pandit and his whole team for publishing “Management of Potential Cadaver Donor Guidelines” in time. These guidelines are probably first and only document available at present in our country. I would like to put it on record Dr Sushma Patil did excellent job of compiling and editing of these guidelines. I am happy to share that ISCCM is planning to get in association with NABH and Beuro Heritas for accreditation of ICUs across country. We have requested previous team of experts who has laid down “ICU designing and planning guidelines” to update these guidelines so that we can implement same with association of different organization. Dr. Kapil Zirpe President, ISCCM Dr J V Peter has done excellent work of completing document on “Quality Up gradation Enable by Space Technology (QUEST) “related to reduce errors in ICU. ISCCM is major contributor along with ISRO, NABH, AHPI, and CAHO& SEMI.It is a very compressive and well written document which is due for publication in August. The elections for the National Executive Committee of ISCCM are around the corner and I urge all of you to update your e-mail IDs and mobile nos. with the ISCCM office. Last but not the least, the preparation for Criticare 2018 is well underway. I recommend that all of you register for the conference. The younger members of the society can become faculty if they participate in the Young Talent Hunt competition.Pleasevisit to website to know details. I extend my personnel thanks and sincere appreciation to all my colleagues and I trust that in coming years we will maintain an active interest in the ISCCM Programs.

You’re sincerely...
Kapil Zirpe,

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My Dear All,

Greetings from General Secretary's desk. ISCCM branches have organised many thematic conferences and workshops in last two months. The Mathura Declaration has been a landmark document on end of life realeased by the ELICIT group. ISCCM released the donor maintance guidelines which can be downloaded from website. ISCCM is calling for young talent for CRITICARE 2018 at Varanasi, you can find details on website . We promise an academic delight at Varanasi. Please get yourself and your team members registered for the conference.

The examinations process have been further streamlined. Many new centres and teachers have been approved in last few months. I am delighted to share the news of inauguration of new office complex and the first executive committee meeting was held in its office. Dr Kapil Zirpe has taken ISCCM to new places. Please feel free to share suggestions or comments and encourage your friends to join ISCCM. I also request you to update your contact details with isccm office and also fill the form for accepting the soft copy of IJCCM
Best wishes

Dr.Subhal Dixit
General Secretary, ISCCM

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Dr. Subhal Dixit
General Secretary, ISCCM